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    I have requested T-Mobile in November 2017  to block the international call on one of my T-Mobile lines. Unfortunately, T-Mobile didn't do their job properly and did not block the international call. I called them in Jan 12th again to re-emphasize about my request to block the international call and finally they credit me back . However they did not block the international and charged me again for international call while it was supposed to be blocked!!!

    I called customer service on 22nd Jan to share my frustration why the line is still unblocked from dialing international call and all I have heard all sort of excuses instead of an apology. An incompetent customer service REP and her manager said they can't credit me back and it's my problem to deal with!!!! there was a reason I asked for international call block and if T-Mobile was able to do the job properly I wouldn't need to call 3 times and get disrespected!

    I would like to understand why such incompetent people are in charge and how my problem will get resolved ? !! I have been T-Mobile customer since  2010 and if this problem won't get escalated properly and not resolved within a week , I will change my career!!!


    Please advise who and when my problem will get resolved ?


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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: International Call Charges

        Oh, goodness, magenta3674057. I can't imagine how we've been dropping the ball here, but I completely understand your frustration. The only logical explanation I can think of is that Outgoing international call blocking only works on our network -- while domestically or internationally roaming, the calls can still be placed and billed. That said, we should still be able to see these details and confirm that explanation when we're taking a closer look at the call history.

        We'd definitely like to have a team with account access take a look at the situation and see what we need to do to make this right *and* make sure you're set up -- once and for all -- with the blocking services you need. I know you've reached out to our Care team a few times, and I'm truly sorry that you haven't had a better experience. If online contact works well for you, can you try giving our T-Force team a chance at taking a closer look at this? They're our social media support folks, on Twitter and Facebook. You can contact them by clicking the links in my badge below. In those channels we have a secure platform to verify your account details and take a look at what's been happening, and figure out what the next steps are to set this right!


        - Marissa

          • magenta3674057

            Re: International Call Charges

            Hi Marissa;

            Thanks for reaching out quickly. The fact is : when I asked for international call block , Tmobile customer NOT CARE, said it's done!!! with no more explanation of any caveat! I have escalated my concern by emailing  Callie Filed few minutes ago!! "Customer NOT CARE" made me explain the health situation of the user of the line !!! instead of fixing the problem caused by them!! It made me so uncomfortable to talk about health issue to explain why I asked for call block!! As customer I asked for International call block, Tmobile said : done and obviously  not done. There's no reason they ask about why user of the line keeps calling , it's an irrelevant question!! I asked for "call block",  just do what I want so we move on,,, and if not possible they should have told me in Nov. 2017 when I made my initial request and not wasting my time .


            If you can escalate from your side, would be the best, ! again it's not about the money !! it's about customer care department not caring about what customer asks!!

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: International Call Charges

                I completely understand, and couldn't agree with you more -- when you ask for a service to be updated on your account, we should be taking care of you and giving you all of the information you need. Even if we're trying to get to the root cause of a concern, we shouldn't press questions that make you feel uncomfortable -- I'm so sorry that happened.


                In this public user forum, we don't have a safe method to verify your account, so we're not able to take a look and see how this transpired. That said, we absolutely do want to ensure that this issue is reviewed and resolved for you. The folks on our T-Force team, who I mentioned above, do have the ability to work on individual customer accounts. We can authenticate your account safely in those channels and see what needs to be done to make this right. I appreciate that an email sent to a member of our senior leadership team may also result in contact from a member of executive support, but we'd always love to make sure we're doing our best to resolve things with our front line folks if we can. T-Force has a great reputation for working out even unusual concerns -- I can't recommend them enough if you'd like to have this reviewed by an online team with account access!


                **Rereading my reply, I wanted to edit to add that we are happy to forward general feedback about the experience that you're describing here, but we're not able to collect any personal information or review the account specific details -- for that reason, we'd recommend working with a team who can review your account securely! Sorry if that wasn't clear previously, but I want to make sure I'm not failing to get that message across!


                - Marissa