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    I recently switched from Sprint to –Mobile and was told that I could trade in my old iPhone 6Plus devices for iPhone X. So I traded two of the iPhone6 Plus devices and got two iPhone Xs. I paid $390 towards the 64GB iPhone X and $583 or so for a 256GB iPhoneX. I was told that after I sent my iPhone Plus phones, I would be returned the $300 on each of the phones. So here was the first lie from T-Mobile. They did not tell me they would be returning the $300 in $12 installments over 24 months or so. A very unreasonable arrangement as I would have got $300 off straight if I took my very new iPhone 6 Pluses to an Apple Store. I came to know of it after I mailed my device to T-Mobile.

    Next, when I went to mail my iPhone Plus, UPS refused to take it saying I had to drop it off at a Post Office. I called T-Mobile Customer service immediately and talked to Geo (309109). A very friendly and polite representative, Geo assured me it was no problem and that he would send me a return label for UPS. I told him December 16th 2017 was the last date and he said he would change the date to December 17th 2017 and that I could send it the next day. This was the second lie from T-Mobile. Trusting the representative’s words, on December 17th, I went to UPS and dropped off my device.

    After a week or so I started getting messages stating that since my device had reached them “late”, I was no longer eligible for that promotion of $300 and I would only get $122 in return. I immediately called T-Mobile (I think it was Clarence (1247428) who answered) and explained what had happened. Once again the very polite and friendly representative responded saying he would set things right. He put me on hold for a long time and finally said all was fine. After a while the messages came again and again. The whole scenario was repeated. I called T-Mobile again on January 3rd 2018, and spoke to Tim (1242490), and on January 9th 2018 and spoke to Jacob@T-Mobile. Both of them, like their other colleagues, were very friendly and polite and sent the usual text messages saying “Thank you for allowing me to assist you today! Please rest assured that I addressed all the concerns you shared with me”. 

    It appears that T-Mobile representatives only try to appear very helpful on the phone by being friendly and fooling customers into believing that they are settling issues the customers are having, while in reality, they are only trying to get customers give them good ratings. After each of these calls I was sent a survey through text messages, to which I naturally responded ‘excellent” to all the questions, little knowing that nothing was done at the T-Mobile end.

    Today again, I got the same message stating that the $300 was adjusted to $122. I called 611 and a Joseph (1242160) answered. It appears that Joseph was the only honest representative who clearly told me there was nothing he could do about the issue. He said I had only two options. Either to accept the $122 adjustment or get my device back. Naturally, I asked for my device to be sent back. My iPhone 6 Plus is in mint condition and I will never trade it for $122. I hope I get it back in the condition it was.

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      • snn555

        Re: iPhone X Trade in Problem

        The terms of the trade in are in the agreement and or fine print. Also you are sent a device by ups and you return devices by USPS. That fact alone probably would have saved you all of the effort so far. Also once devices are sent to T-Mobile's Warehouse they cannot be returned. This is also in the trade in agreement. So at this point I believe that having not read the terms of the agreement may be the cause for all of the strife thus far.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: iPhone X Trade in Problem

          Hey magenta3589542 


          I am very sorry that you had such a hard time with our iPhone promotion. We want to make these promotions feel rewarding and not something that leaves you feeling cheated. It definitely sounds like we could have done a better job at explaining how the promotion worked at the time you were taking advantage of it to clear up any confusion there might have been. We make sure to post all of the requirements as well as the specific details about our promotions in our Deals space as well as on our Newsroom.


          It sounds like you are opting to have your devices returned to you and I know you have spent way more time on this than you ever should have had to but if you are open to it and have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to reach our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your account and review the promotion with you. If you were offered $300 off via installment credits, we can find out why this was adjusted to be lower. We want you to be able to take advantage of the promotion you are eligible for and our T-Force team will definitely be able to go over all of your options.