IMEI Blacklist, why is T-Mobile different from all others?


    I have an Apple 6 that I am trying to move from AT&T to T-Mobile.

    I purchased the 6 from AT&T about 3 years ago and have had it on that network since.

    I want to move to a T-Mobile account but T-Mobile says (from the IMEI) my phone has been reported stolen.

    I went back to AT&T with this information and they said "no, it's not blacklisted".

    I tried several online free IMEI checkers, they all say "no it's not blacklisted"

    I went on the Sprint site... same result.

    ONLY the T-Mobile site says the phone is stolen.

    Where does T-Mobile differ from everyone else?

    They won't (or can't) tell me what to do now... since I am obviously a major international phone thief trying to make smillions off them by moving this phone to their service?


    Any ideas on how to get T-Mobile to let it go and let me use my phone?

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