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Help unlocking my phone


    Hopefully someone from T-mobile outside of phone tech support can help.

    I have been trying to unlock my flip phone for weeks now. I have a flip phone LG 450

    and have satisfied ALL the requirements needed to unlock my phone. found in this link.


    Unlock your mobile wireless device



    I received the unlock code but it did not unlock my phone. After 2 attempts I only had 1 attempt left before my phone completely locks. So I called customer service and visited 2 stores for assistance on Dec 14 & 15. Without any help they said they would "escalate my issue" and get back to me within 72 hours before my business trip.

    Needless to say I never received any reply or any update on my issue. I went on my trip without a phone that I could use.


    So now it's over 2 weeks later, still ZERO emails or messages on my issue from my "escalated" tech support.  I am quite surprised at the lack of correspondence for my issue. Scanned the forums to see if other people had similar issues, but I am dealing with poor support and wrong information. ugh


    Any advice on how I can proceed?

    Is there a way to reset the number of attempts I can do?