International Coverage on No-Credit Check T-Mobile ONE


    I recently moved to the US and joined T-Mobile ONE for its great international coverage which is of paramount importance for me, given that I travel frequently. However, at the time I applied, I did not have an american SSN. Thus, I registered to the No-Credit Check T-Mobile ONE account. However, the agent that informed me that I had to sign up for the No-Credit Check did not mention any differences between the "normal" T-Mobile ONE and No-Credit Check T-Mobile ONE (except the 5$ extra charge). I am currently travelling abroad (France & Netherlands) and I do not have coverage (at all). I am now learning that the No-Credit Check T-Mobile ONE does not allow it. Of note, this information is not present when I signed up. 


    Now, I do have an american SSN, which I recently obtained, but no other form of US identification (drivers license, passport, etc). I am Canadian and thus all those documents are canadian. That being said, the "activation department" is unable to perform a credit check because they need more documents and thus I am unable to convert my No Credit Check T-Mobile ONE to a "normal" T-Mobile ONE account.


    Customer support representatives on the phone were unable to help me - it seems that I am stuck. I wish that the plan differences the No Credit Check version entails had been made clear to me when I signed up.


    Is there any way to resolve that situation other than having to get an expensive pre-paid international plan or is T-Mobile simply not the right provider for me?


    Note that I have 2 lines and this applies to both.


    Looking forward to a prompt resolution of that matter,


    Best Regards



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      • snn555

        To get the international features you'll have to pay more a month to add those to a no-credit prepaid plan.


        All carriers require documentation for postpaid plans.  Credit checks must be run.  Those checks require documentation.


        You'll have to have documentation to run a credit check for postpaid services for plans that include those international features.


        Without this required information, prepaid add-ons are the only option.