Worst customer experience!!!!


    I have been a loyal customer for 12 years, have always had 4 lines, pay for the jump, however am only able to upgrade 3 phones now, per customer service, it's because the price of phones have gone up, yet the credit doesn't, there solution pay off one of the phones to upgrade the 4th. MY Question, why am I paying for Jump, why did I spend 8 hours talking to 5 different people , 1 of them in the store, to be told it was resolved, go back in the store to find out it wasn't,  so at this point im done, they do not care about their customers, I feel they have taken my money on false pretence for Jump, which to me is the same as stealing, their CS people are not trained, it shows if they do not care about their customers , why would they care about their employees, so next week I will Change to a different provider, word of mouth travels fast. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL LIKE YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS!

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        Re: Worst customer experience!!!!

        Hey there, sbellue85326, and welcome to our Support Community!


        Wow, you've been with us for over a decade at this point, thank you! Sadly, it looks like you've run into an issue that has you looking at different carriers. I'm truly sorry you were given the run around. I'm sure there are a lot better things you could have done with your time rather than spend it on the phone. While your account may not have enough available credit to upgrade four phones of your choice at the same time, you're still able to utilize the JUMP! feature which includes insurance on top of upgrading after a specific period of time depending on the specific JUMP! feature you have. Again, I'm so sorry you were treated in a way that conveyed that we don't care about our customers because our customers are #1. What type of phones were you looking to upgrade to?