MMS Not Working with Wi-Fi enabled.


    Android 7.0 LG V10, unlocked.


    Wi-Fi enabled allows texting, browsing, media, everything, EXCEPT MMS or Group Texting/Chat.
    APN settings are the suggested "".
    I have tried three different settings of that APN, one with APN Protocol set to IPv4, then to IPv6, then to IPv4/IPv6, and the Roaming APN Protocol set to IPv4, IPv6, and IPv4/IPv6. I have six APNs to choose from and none of them work.
    I have tried every combination.

    I have tried the stock messenger app, I have tried the Textra app, I have tried other apps.
    I have completely disabled Wi-Fi calling, I have turned Wi-Fi advanced settings to "Cellular Preferred".


    The only way it works is if I go into airplane mode and then take airplane mode immediately off again, resetting something and forcing a connection again, OR I turn Wi-Fi off entirely allowing MMS to function over 4G. This is so undeniably aggravating.
    T-Mobile needs to send out an OTA update changing Android 7.0 to 7.1 or SOMETHING.


    This issue is so far reaching, and you can see thousands and thousands of the same question being asked on this website, MMS is the most popular FAQ/Troubleshooting issue on this website.


    What is necessary for allowing this basic functionality to work?




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