BOGO iPhone 8 advertised same day I received new iPhones


    I have been an AT&T since it was Cingular, 20+ years. With all the advertising, JD Power service ratings, and lower cost I decided to give the un-carrier a try. I ordered 6 lines which included 4 new iPhone 8's and 2 new iPhone X's. on 12/14/17 I placed an order for these new phones and service. I think the day i received the last of the equipment, the BOGO iPhone 8 offer starts. 12/21 I email the customer service person I had been dealing with. She responds back on Friday and says It's only on iphone 8 and it requires that you add a line. I respond that I just added 6 lines and I haven't turned any of the phones on yet, and I ask if I have to send everything back in order to get the deal. No response. I email her again Friday afternoon asking where the award winning service is and tell her that I want to send back my 2 iphone x's, 1, iphone 8, get 3 iphone 8+ and get my 3 "free" iphone 8's. No response.. I email her this morning 12/26 asking simply if she was going to help me with this. Her response is "I hate that you're going to cancel", but there's nothing she can do, maybe the cancellation department can do something and btw sorry the promo has ended... Seems to me when someone is a new customer and you start a new promo while they're in the cancellation period, Tmobile should honor it.


    So, I'm considering sending it all back and staying with AT&T. Does anyone have any advice as to who at Tmobile could help me get the bogo or some equivalent so I don't feel like the customer service person intentionally did not respond until after the promo was over?


    This is a business account BTW.

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