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    I have a Revvl that I want to back up (using flash tools) to create a stock firmware file, so that I may flash back to it in case anything goes wrong with my phone.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to read back any partitions from the phone, or create a scatter file of the partitions to do so, as I'm always greeted with some sort of BROM_STARTCMD error of some sort.  Every other phone I've ever purchased, whether it be through Tmobile or not, has had some sort of stock firmware file freely available to its users so they may fix their own devices with an official software image if they need to (Motorola provides fastboot images, LG provides KDZ images for their download tool, Samsung provides ODIN download images, etc).


    I've spoken to Alcatel directly over the phone, and even though every other major/minor Android phone company out there that I know of gives their customers this kind of file, they don't seem to want to give this to me for whatever reason.  So I ask Tmobile this: would you be able to give me a stock firmware image I can have on hand in case something happens to my Revvl?  An image flashable through SPFT would be ideal, but if it needs to be through a different flash tool, that would be fine as well as long as I know which one it is and where I can get it.



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      • snn555

        Re: Stock Firmware for Revvl

        T-Mobile doesn't create the phones nor the code used to program them.  They won't have such a file.  Your only hope would be some other Revvl user on XDA.  The idea here is that you have warranty against "issues" that might require flashing the stock image.  If the phone's recovery is damaged to the point that a system factory reset is not possible, then either a user has taken it upon themselves to "tinker" or otherwise the phone would need either service/repair or exchange under warranty.


        While it is true that a phone bought and paid for and owned solely by a customer can be modified at-will, neither the carrier nor the manufacturer would endorse "home-programming" and would, of course, agree that such warranty, no matter the age of said device, is void.


        (I have yet to see "Revvl" under any spelling or connection with T-Mobile on XDA other than mention that it exists.  I have seen no forum chatter.)

          • jasonmerc

            Re: Stock Firmware for Revvl

            For starters, here's the Revvl right here.  It's been out for a few months now:


            Look, I understand it was a longshot asking here.  I don't expect Tmobile to definitely have such a thing on hand, since most of the time it is the manufacturer that has such a thing like you said.  But I figured I would ask and see anyway, since their branding is on the phone (and when I called Alcatel asking for kernel source, which you could consider a 'part' of a stock image, they just directed me back to Tmobile saying they'd have it).  While you are probably right, you also don't seem to be an employee of theirs, so until I get an official response from them, we never know...


            No one on XDA would have such a thing, unless they were able to make it themselves.  I've tried making one myself, but I get errors in the flash tool I try to read back with.  But like I've stated before, every other phone brand I know of has released stock firmware images for their phones, or has made their phones "readable" so users may make one themselves.  Regardless of how a phone would become corrupted to such a state (I've had an LG brick on me when the battery died in the middle of an OTA update a couple years ago), even manufacturers of phones that are completely locked down to a point where no "tinkering" or "home-programming" can be done have still released firmware images that users can flash on their devices if need be.

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Stock Firmware for Revvl

            Hi, jasonmerc. I'm sorry to read about the trouble you're having with your Revvl; but snn555 is correct -- we don't have firmware files to share. No fault for asking, though! Hope you have a super awesome holiday season.


            - Marissa