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T-Mobile has the worst warranty exchange experience


    T-mobile in no way supports their customers when it comes to the warranty exchange.


    For a bit of context. I got a new phone ( all paid by the way) in May, which you would think would have no issue since I take super care of it . On wenesday this couple of month old phone screen would not come on, contacted T-Mobile and was assured a phone will be shipped within 1-2 days. We are Sunday and I am yet to have a phone and I have been phoneless since Wenesday through no fault of mine.


    If anything, you would think they would offer me a loaner since the phone they sold me has a defect and should not have been sold. So I called today after 3 days to request a loaner for tomorrow. After speaking with two representative who were somewhat helpful, the answer is the loaner program is no longer existent and we cannot give you a phone.


    So to sum this up - you take my money for a phone ( supposed to be new, and not defectious)

    2- you sell me a defecti

    ous phone

    3- I have to pay the consequences by being phoneless and all that while no support until my phone arrives



    The least you could do is make sure I get my phone very quick or do an exception and provide me with a loaner, but no you want me to pay another 50$ to get a cheap phone to use SMHHH - It's probably time I switch to a better network.

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