Help dutchman to inlock LG Aristo




    I'm from the Netherlands. And I've recently been able to take over a LG Aristo (not sold in the EU), from people who bought it from T-mobile USA during their vacation in the USA. Now I want to use it with T-mobile in the Netherlands, the problem is that it doesn't work and for it to work I need the phone to be unlocked.


    I tried to use the app "Device Unlock" on the phone. But when I try to "Permanent Unlock" it says "Unlock Failed" and "This mobile device is not eligible for unlock."


    I've been in contact with with T-mobile by mail and found out that all the requirements for unlocking have been met, but the line to either have been using the device for a year, or have a total of $100 worth of prepaid refills made. But since the phone is in the Netherlands, the SIM-card is gone, and I'm not planning in the near future to go to the USA, that's never gonna happen...


    T-mobile told me to call customer care. Now writing is one thing, talking another. I'm afraid i can't find the words to say what I want. And fail to get the phone unlocked.


    It was the intention that my daughter (11 years) would use the telephone as her first phone. She was so looking forward to it...


    Is there no way to contact customer care by mail?

    Or someone who can help me in any other way?

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Help dutchman to inlock LG Aristo

        I'm afraid you might as well give up your efforts. Most wireless phones sold in the USA are locked to the carrier. They can be unlocked by following the carrier's published unlocking requirements. Here are T-Mobile's unlocking requirements, which are fairly liberal as compared with others. The original buyers of the phone should have unlocked it before leaving the US.