Double charged for start up fees, refunded second charge and now they say I owe it again. Anyone else had this problem?


    On October 5th we signed up with t-moblie and paid a total of over $300 on my credit card for phone down payment and other start up fees. That amount was processed. A few days later on October 11th that same charge was once again taken out by t-mobile. We were able to get that amount (the second change) refunded. Now we are being told we owe that amount again or we will be disconnected. We have already paid our first bill and showed a $0 balance. Everything was settled until Saturday when we get a text from t-mobile saying that we owe that money. I have statements from the bank and I have contacted the bank that all say that the initial charge on October 5th did go through and T-mobile was paid for it.

    Also, i have spent over 8 hours total across 3 days on the phone with no resolution. Nobody seems to understand what im saying or is offering any help. I have been a T-mobile customer for less than a month and this problem is HUGE! If my phone gets shut off ill have no other choice but to go back to my previous carrier and say goodbye to T-mobile forever.

    I am also a sort of "test driver" for t-mobile services for 6 different potential new accounts both family and co-workers who are waiting to see how my experience with t-mobile goes before they make up their minds to switch.


    Have any of you experienced anything like this? Could anyone please offer me some help? I really like T-mobile service and prices other than this issue and don't want to switch but i feel like a lack of support and customer service is backing me against a wall at this point.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Thanks for joining our Support Community, magenta2825113, but I'm so sorry that it's to report this situation. This is definitely not the kind of welcome mat we want laid out for a new customer!
        I want to be up front; we're not able to investigate customer issues or make changes from this forum, since we don't have a secure way to verify account details. If online interaction is a good fit for you, our T-Force social media team through Twitter and Facebook can securely authenticate your account details and take a closer look at what's happening here. I do want to ask a few questions just to try to help out with this -- I know you mentioned that both charges were for the same amount; did they both show the same billing line? It sounds like you spoke with your bank and they advised that they canceled one payment but the other one posted; did the statement they provided show running totals so you can see the impact of the charge that did post on your balance?

        An internal team can file something called a missing/misapplied payment request -- if those funds were withdrawn by us, but aren't reflecting on your account, then with some details about the transaction our offline cash team can figure out where they went! Was anything like this filed for you already?


        - Marissa

        • magenta2825113

          The first charge for $338.33 showed up on October 5th and that transaction was completed. It says "Tmobile web order." The second transaction on October 11th also says "tmobile web order" in the amount of $338.33. Once we realized this had been taken out twice we contacted both Tmobile and our bank and the problem was fixed. The transaction on the 11th was refunded. I am looking at my bank statement right now and there are 2 transactions from Tmobile. The one from the 5th went through and was processed. The separate one from the 11th says "refunded." I have contacted my bank and they said the transaction from the 5th is valid and went through just fine, and they have no idea why Tmobile is saying it did not. We got our first bill in the middle of October and the total was $170, it said nothing of this $338. We paid the $170 because that was our bill. However, now Tmobile is saying we owe the original start up fees once again. I am not sure what Tmobile is doing to fix this or who they have contacted. Both my husband and I have talked to several different people who all say they will escalate the case, but none have given us a solution or can find this missing transaction. I have my bank statement that says we have paid that $338 total and would be glad to either give a number for Tmobile to contact my bank or send in my statements.

            • tmo_marissa

              Eeek! That does sound bonkers! I'm glad that you have statements with running totals, these can really help with a missing/misapplied payment request. There's a secure e-mail where you can send them to help with the investigation -- you can find it here: Returned, late, or missing payments, or a representative can locate it in the missing payment research document and give it to you if you'd like! Forms like these can be super helpful so we'd always recommend being proactive with them if you have them handy!t If the refunded charge is now showing up on your T-Mobile bill as a balance owed, that seems like a chargeback, which happens when our system thinks that this refund shouldn't have been processed. Since you know that the first charge actually posted, then it sounds like for some reason that first charge didn't post correctly to the account -- but it has to be somewhere!

              We want to make sure this is investigated thoroughly and that the right measures are being taken. It sounds like you have already exerted a ton of effort trying to get to the bottom of this; but we'd strongly recommend reaching out to our T-Force team and having them look into the account to make sure we're filing the right payment research form. They're great to interact with because like this forum, it's online, and also there's message continuity there -- you can come back to the same Facebook message or Twitter DM and even if the representative is different, the previous conversation is still there, so you won't have to repeat yourself to check up on it.


              Please let us know how it goes!

            • magenta2825113

              Thank you for the information. I just sent my bank statement to the secure website you provided. How do I reach out to the T-Force team? I have called Tmobile a few times over the past few days and all they keep saying is the case is escalated. Is the TForce team different than a regular employee that picks up when I call the Tmobile number?

              Thank you for your help

              • tmo_marissa

                Hi, magenta2825113! Just wanted to check in with you and see how things are going. I know it's only been a few days since you reached out and sometimes getting to the bottom of these issues takes a little time. Please let us know if there are any updates!

                • tmo_amanda

                  Hi, magenta2825113!


                  Were you able to get this taken care of by working with T-Force? Keep us posted because we want to do our best to make sure this gets handled.