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DIGITS issues


    This is a follow-on to Tom Modell's post, from another long time techie who's given up on Digits.


    I'm writing this in hopes that someone on the management team for the digits program eventually reads it.

    I am definitely dropping my digits line, and switching that to Verizon tomorrow morning, and may well switch my primary line as well.  Because Digits is completely unreliable, and was cleared out of beta missing what should have been obvious core functionality.

    The only reason I'm still a T-mobile customer this evening is that the kid at the Verizon store nearest my house was a gentle little soul, who couldn't figure out their own signup software for a business account.  I did try.


    The primary issue is that Digits is simply unreliable.  It fails silently, and then *stays* dead.   For days.

    I recently purchased a small company, and thought that porting the business's phone line to a digits line on my existing phone would be the ideal solution, as I *REALLY* don't want to start lugging multiple phones around again.

    Unfortunately, digits died sometime in the middle of last week, with no way to tell from the app that it wasn't actually connected to anything.  Just no phone calls, no nothing.  If you called in, it went straight to voicemail.....and the voicemail never got sent to the phone.

    So I called tech support, and their suggestion was to delete and reinstall.  They said they'd call back in 10 minutes, after that was done.  1.5 hours later, nada.

    The good news is that delete-&-reinstall did get me back up, and I discovered that I had *!15!* voicemails queued up from the past 5-6 days.

    It has been unreliable and prone to silent disconnects the whole time I've used it.  (Several months.)

    For a business phone, that's simply unacceptable.  Period.  So I'll be lugging around a little Verizon flip phone as of tomorrow morning.


    From reading the sagas here, it's clear that this thing was nowhere near ready for public release.  Whoever made that decision should be required to explain it.  In detail.


    As far as missing core functionality that should have been obvious:  distinct ring tones for the digits line(s) as opposed to the main device line.  If I'm driving, and the bloody thing rings, I have no idea which line is ringing, or how to answer the phone, without hauling it out and looking at it.  Which rather defeats the point. 

    The other issue there is that on those rare occasions when the digits line *did* work, it very rarely identified on screen which line was ringing.  It did it often enough for me to see that it *did* (sometimes) ID itself on screen, but more often not.  So that didn't work dependably either.

    The visual line ID should have been a 100% function item, and I can't imagine who thought it was OK not to have distinct ringtones.


    As far as the dialer goes, mine fouled up the outbound numbers as well, but that turned out to be a display glitch.  If you fed it a number to dial, it *displayed* some gawdawful gobbeldegook number, but it actually dialed the correct number.  Found that out the second time I dialed with it.  The first time, I just dialed, didn't look at the confirmation screen number, and it went through just fine.  The *next* time, when I looked at it and saw how screwed up it was, I did a whole bunch of retyping to make *sure* the number was right, and let the thing dial.  It went through properly, nevermind the number it said it was dialing.

    There was also an issue with it randomly erasing the recent call/missed call logs.


    I'm really quite sad to be writing this.  If it worked, digits is exactly the product I need for my small business.  Unfortunately, it isn't dependable, and the one thing I *MUST* have in a business phone line is guaranteed 100% uptime.  Equally regrettably, this experience will factor into my evaluation of T-Mobile's overall reliability in future decisions.  This thing got cleared out of beta when it clearly wasn't ready.  What else hasn't been properly vetted?  That's a question I'm going to have to ask every time I make a decision on whether we as a company interact with T-mobile in future.



    Brian M.

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      • alberic6

        Re: DIGITS issues



        The reason a silent fail combined with the digits line not identifying itself clearly is such a big deal is this:  my digits line was down for 5-6 days, and I didn't notice.  Why?  Because I was still getting plenty of business calls on my personal line.

        Since the digits line does not ID itself dependably, I had no way of knowing *which* line the calls were coming in on.  So a silent fail of the digits line, where the app *looks* like everything's fine is a big deal.  My only real reason to suspect the digits line was dead was that the recent/missed calls log was blank.  But since it randomly erases that under normal operation, that's not a total giveaway either.



          • tmo_marissa

            Re: DIGITS issues

            Hey, alberic6. I branched your post to its own active question, and have to say, we really appreciate the thorough feedback, even though it's unfortunate to read. We'd hate to see you go; although the experience you're describing is so frustrating that I can appreciate why you'd be at the brink. I'm going to reach out to you via private message to collect some more details if you'd be so kind -- we'd like to get to the bottom of this if we can, or if your mind's made up, we'd be grateful for the opportunity to gather some information that we can pass on to our engineering team. Please take a peek in your inbox when you have a moment! Thank you so much.


            - Marissa