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    tomobel is right on all counts the service is spastic. I went to the store yesterday and logged in and out of the digi lines and it began working (sending out texts) now this morning the same thing and they won't send out texts

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        Re: Problems with Digits

        Hey, magenta2860296. We are following a known issue with outgoing SMS from DIGITS T&T lines here: Cant send text message from DIGITS number. I know that the issue was resolved last night, but so far this morning we've had a few reports that it's broken again. We know this is a big deal for folks, and we'd like to keep this issue in one place so that we can monitor it closely as we're reporting back to the DIGITS team. Can you please post on the thread linked above? I'm going to lock this one to keep things tidy, but we'd definitely like to be able to check out any updates that you have, and know that you're seeing any updates *we* have. Thank you for posting!


        - Marissa