DIGITS on Note8 does not send out messages


    After switching from the S8+ to the Note 8. I have been able to receive messages but not been able to send messages via my digits number on my note 8. I keep getting the red exclamation mark next to a message when I try to send out text messages.


    Note: I can send messages to myself with no issues using my digits number, but I can't send anyone else a message.


    Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution?

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      • michaeldimaio

        Re: DIGITS on Note8 does not send out messages

        Same problem with the S8. I can't text any iPhones with my digits number. Tried troubleshooting with care for hours last night. This is awful.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: DIGITS on Note8 does not send out messages



          Hey, all! Just heard back from tmo_evan that this should be resolved. If you're still having trouble, please reboot -- and if you're unable to send SMS after a reboot, please let us know ASAP on the thread linked below! Thank you.


          - Marissa


          Hey, mrmoe and michaeldimaio -- we're seeing a few reports of this in threads across the Community. We'd love to collect some details from you on this thread to keep everything in one place for quick collection purposes. If you've got a moment to visit this thread: Cant send text message from DIGITS number and reply with the following details, we'd be super appreciative. We're looking for:

          • device
          • software version
          • whether you've had a chance to test out the app in the interim and if you're able to send outgoing messages from your DIGITS line through the app
          • any behavior you see when attempting to send a message if it's different from the red exclamation point

          Thank you so much for your feedback!


          - Marissa


          *edited to add most recent information