Can AutoPay pay my balance if it's less than $10?


    I have a monthly prepaid plan for $30 /mo, and last month I loaded a $30 prepaid card to the account in advance of my plan renewal date. I inadvertently used up all of the minutes on my plan and went on to use 4 minutes PAYG at $0.10/min without realizing it. Now, my account balance is $29.60 which is below the $30 needed to renew the plan.


    I need to top up my account to $30, but the minimum amount of a "one time refill" is $10, and of course, prepaid cards are also only available in larger denominations. I never use PAYG minutes, so I have no need for any account balance that isn't a multiple of $30. As such, I'd like to avoid using one of the aforementioned options to top-up, as that will result in a perpetual account balance that I'll never end up using.


    Based on the information on the AutoPay sign-up page, if I set up AutoPay with my credit card and select the option "Pay my balance in full on my renewal date," it looks like it will use my credit card to pay the remaining balance without any required minimum payment. The aforementioned AutoPay option is described as "Your balance, which includes the cost of your plan and services minus any credit or promotion will be paid in full each month."


    Am I correct in thinking that this AutoPay method will result in my credit card being charged only $0.40 next month, rather than an arbitrary minimum amount?

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