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    How much data can I use on Binge On without being throttled?

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        50GB is when prioritization happens.  If you are in a very congested area you will experience slow downs, but when it becomes more open it'll go away.  my Wife used over 100GB last month and experienced no slow downs(Where we live congestion rarely happens). 

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          I haven't heard of a throttle limit on Binge On. I'd imagine up to 50GB then limited as congestion allows. Of course this won't take long to reach. Even though it doesn't count towards monthly allotment since Binge On is mainly for non ONE plans I'm sure there's a limit. Slower speeds will reduce watchability.

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            How much data can you use on Binge-on without being throttled?


            I think i understand your question. But because how Binge-on works, I need to divide your question into two parts.


            PART 1

            \\\\\BINGE-On usage directly from your phone////



            If you have an unlimited data plan (binge-on is irrelevant) you can use as much data as you like to watch movies, browse the Internet, etc.. That is the benefit of having Unlimited High Speed Internet. But Your speed will be reduced momentarily after 50GB only if you there is a congested network in the area you are at currently. When the congestion clears your speed will increase back to normal.


            If you have a limited data plan, such as 5GB of data....  once you use up your 5GB of highspeed internet your Binge-On will not function until your next billing cycle when your Data is replienished.



            PART 2

            \\\\Binge -On usage from from tethering using your phone////


            The same as having a 5GB data Plan scenario. When you tether up to your alloted Wifi Hotspot data cap, after that Binge on will not function because you used up all of your tethering data.


            All of this information is spelled out in detail on the BINGE-ON Answer/Question page. I have read it about 4 months ago, but I will read it again shortly to double check all of the information again just to make sure im 100% correct with my post.


            I do not know how the T-Mobile ONE Plan operate in regards to BINGE-On because I do not have a T-Mobile ONE Plan to make any comments.

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              Hey magenta2696451  looks like you got some awesome responses from our fellow members. just wanted to check in and see if you still need help. Please come back and let us know. Thanks!