Gear S2 not compatible with LTE


    I received a message today saying that as of 9/12 my area is updating to LTE and that my wearable is not compatible.

    I can upgrade my Gear S2 and receive a $100 dollar credit.

    I called and explained that I owed over $200 still for my Gear S2. In a nut shell, Im just out of luck. It doesn't matter that I was fine keeping my Gear S2 or that it was in no way my fault that their service was no longer compatible with the device they sold me. My only recourse is to update my watch, take the $100 credit, and pay for 2 devices.

    I will never purchase a wearable from Tmobile again. They wont update the devices, falsely advertise software versions, and now stick me with a watch that will be reduced to 2G.

    After 7 years, I think its time to switch carriers. 

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