Bad customer service and phone


    It's now 5:47 pm. I have been dealing with Tmobile in various forms since 12:15. I went to the store, spoke to 2 associates there 3 associates on the phone and 2 people at Samsung. To be told that the glitches I have with my phone are my fault for not wanting to pay for a new phone and keep up with technology. I also went to Tmobiles Instagram page to be told to get help I need to follow them on Twitter or Facebook . I have 3 teenaged children in my household between my spouse and I one going to college next week another next year and both my spouse and I attend college at night. I can't afford to shell out 900 for a phone. I have had 7 replacements on the same phones in the 2 yrs I've been a mobile customer. I am tired of getting a refurbished phone and having the same issue again and again. I need my phone it's my lifelibe..  I use it for work school and to keep in contact with my kids. Samsung told me today I can send it in to get fixed but it could be up to 2 wks with the delays weather related. I've had this "fix" before on the very first one, 6 replacements later... still hot still battery not charging still screen going off on it own texts not sending or receiving. Why mobile can't offer me anew phone after all of these issues is beyond me. I'm only one customer in millions but I should count and be treated like I matter. Samsung said it's mobile problem today because I'm their customer, call mobile back and they say it's Samsung's problem because it's their device, everyone placing blame, NO ONE helping their customer or caring about the customer. I'm so annoyed. I left AT&T because their customer service was lousy however, the One time I had an issue that involved 3 replacements on a note 2.. they gave me anew note 3 for free. For my trouble for being a customer for 2 and half yrs. I should have kept it and not traded it towards a note 5 or mobile service. I've made a grave mistake going to tmobile.

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      • tidbits

        Re: Bad customer service and phone

        Exactly what is wrong with  your phone and what phone do you have?


        Chances are with that many replacements something tells me it's the software you have installed more than just the device itself, but we need more information to figure out what's going on.

          • mshayes7

            Re: Bad customer service and phone

            Thank you for at least writing me back. I have a galaxy note 5. I have been

            informed by tech on the phone and in store associates it's mostly a battery

            issue. Which is why it doesn't stay charged, gets super hot when plugged in

            and will only charge when all the way off. When you turn it on it will be

            fully charged but in less than 2 hours it's dead again. I have had 6

            warranty replacements on this phone. I can't deal with it anymore. It's

            time consuming. I've had to erase my phone and start over to only end up

            with the very same results. All over again. I have too much going on in

            life to keep doing that. I have 3 teenagers, I use my phone for them

            obviously, I'm in college and work and planning a wedding. I was so

            disgusted today with how I was treated by in store and phone associates and

            Samsung that I just told the One person who was actually nice Hilina (poor

            girl couldn't help as it's out of her hands at least she cared though) to

            just terminate my service as of 9/6. I will have to just buy a cheap phone

            at Wal-Mart or something because I can't even deal with this anymore

              • If you're having the same problem over seven different handsets either you have some sort of software on there that is causing an issue or the charger or cable you are using or the method has something to do with the battery. If you're not using a Samsung charger and cable chances are you may have a third-party cable or charger that is not compatible because SamSung has been known to use proprietry cables who's pins and connections are reversed from third-party aftermarket accessories.


                as far as the software is concerned whenever you erase the phone and set it back up if you used a back up from Samsung Kies or a Google account you may have reinstalled the problem software. You would need to start from scratch and re-download each application and make sure it is one you need.

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                  • mshayes7

                    Re: Bad customer service and phone

                    I have the original charger from my first phone and the wall adapter and a

                    back up one mailed to me from Samsung. Samsung told me today that the note

                    5 had battery issues and system glitches just not to the extent that the

                    note 7 did. As I stated they wanted to try to fix it but I can't be without

                    a phone for that period of time  and I also had that done the first phone.

                    And here I am 6 of them later. There's nothing on my phone other than

                    Instagram and words with friends and those aren't there as of today be sure

                    I just got this home at 1:30... yet still having same issues. I am just at

                    a loss as to why a replacement is such an issue

                      • It's possible that any of those chargers could be defective however I'm assuming you don't have insurance on the line if you do I can see why there are so many warranty replacements however you state it is very important for you to have a lifeline so at this point I have two suggestions.


                        Either you can plead your case to T-Mobile and further explain the issue and maybe get some sort of inconvenience credit applied however that will not go very far in replacing the phone. The other option is to go buy a new phone where you don't have to spend $900 or $500 you can spend much less and get a good quality phone that will work for what you need it to do given the importance of having a phone that works because a $200 phone that works is better than an expensive phone that does not work.


                        I'm sure that buying a new phone is definitely not what you want to hear but remember T-Mobile doesn't make any money off of the phones they sell however they are losing money every time they send you a replacement due to shipping costs. You also spend money every time it's replaced by either spending five dollars with insurance for a warranty replacement or $25 if you don't have warranty insurance.


                        I think it's a matter of either standing up for a principal you believe in or just moving ahead and getting on with your life in a dependable fashion.

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                        • tmo_amanda

                          Re: Bad customer service and phone

                          Hey there, mshayes7!


                          It sounds like you have A LOT going on and your phone working properly should be the least of your worries. A good deal of information has been provided by our Pillars (thank you, guys). snn_555 has the right idea - if after 6 replacements, you're still having the same issue, the device itself can likely be ruled out. That leaves us with a few other causes: the charging cable, the charging block, device software, or apps being run on the phone.


                          Can you do me a favor and see what apps are using up most of your battery? Start by fully charging your phone and once the battery gets low follow these steps:

                          1. From a Home screen tap Apps
                          2. Tap Settings
                          3. From the Device section, tap Battery
                          4. Tap the Menu icon (located in the upper-right)
                          5. Tap Advanced settings
                          6. Tap Percentage on status bar to turn  or off
                          7. Tap the Back icon
                          8. Tap Battery usage


                          Please attach a screenshot of the battery usage to this thread so we can see if an app is the issue.

                            • mshayes7

                              Re: Bad customer service and phone



                              I called Tmobile last night at 9:14. I told the rep I had received a text

                              message saying my service would be stopped on 9/6 and I didn't want it

                              stopped on this date and I would stop it later to make sure my service

                              stayed on. I told her I don't want to be on the phone all night. She

                              assured me she understood and my service would stay on.. lo and behold it's

                              9/6 and my phone is off. I can't call tmobile... I can't use the app... I

                              can't message and I need my phone. I am furious right now. I can't

                              understand what the issue is. Why I always have to call back and speak to 2

                              and 3 people to get things right. I don't have time for this right now.

                                • You may just have to visit a retail store to solve your issue if you're unable to use someone else's telephone to call T-Mobile to rectify the situation.  Or try T-Mobile on Facebook or twitter.

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                                  • tmo_amanda

                                    Re: Bad customer service and phone

                                    Hey, mshayes7.


                                    Wow, it sounds like there was a misunderstanding here. I'm not exactly sure why your service was disconnected when our representative assured you it would remain active. Without having access to customer accounts, I cannot provide you with a better explanation on that. snn_555 is correct on this one. You should also still be able to contact 611 even when service is disconnected.