international roaming charges on my T-Mobile One plan


    I switched to T-Mobile due to their T-Mobile One plan having international roaming included at no extra charge since I'll be traveling in Asia for many months.  Just turned my phone on in Guam and got a message that I have $100 roaming charges...What's up with that???   Your web page shows that I should have unlimited text and data there included.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta2328743! This is a bummer to read -- you're right, Guam is definitely one of the included countries where you should be able to roam without any charges for data or text, and voice calls should only run you $0.20 per minute. Is there any possibility that your device connected to any other international tower? Have you had a chance to reach out to our Care or T-Force teams to look into this? Even if you're still roaming, you can reach out to T-Mobile free of charge by using the International Roamer's customer care number here: Contact Us. If there's an error with these charges we'd like to make sure it's getting resolved!


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        • tmo_amanda

          Hey, magenta2328743!


          I just wanted to stop by to see if you've had a chance to read over Marissa's reply and if so, have you reached out to T-Force or Customer Care yet?


          Keep us posted on the situation!

          • tmo_marissa

            Hiya, magenta2328743! Just wanted to stop by one more time and make sure you were able to reach out for assistance with this! Please let us know how it's going!


            - Marissa

              • magenta2805110

                I'm new to T-Mobile and the forum, I have T-Mobile One Unlimited 55 and One Plus added on, I'm travelling for a month to the Philippines, I checked that this plan includes Unlimited Data and Text, I'll get a local SIM for talking along with an inexpensive phone, is there any special procedure to do on a iPhone 6S plus other than resetting the network when I get there?

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Welcome, magenta2805110! You're spot on about the Philippines' inclusion on the Simple Global country list. Per our International page, when I scroll further down after selecting the Philippines and enter your device, it looks like your iPhone 6S should work just fine with roaming partners in the Philippines. How are you getting there? There can be significant costs associated with cruise ship roaming, so if you're taking a cruise you may want to investigate the charges for your particular cruise line before you depart! You'll want to make sure that data roaming is active once you're there -- you can dial #RON# and press Send to do this. With an iPhone, if you travel outside of the Philippines at all you'll want to check to ensure that the other country you're visiting is also a Simple Global country. If not, I recommend not just disabling roaming, but turning mobile data off entirely. These devices can access roaming networks to do data refreshes and sync even with data roaming turned off, so rather than encounter a high fee, it's better to play it safe.


                    - Marissa