Jump Phone not received


    Well, I am getting tired of this game that Tmobile is playing.

    Around Aug 27 I went in to a store to do 2 jumps on mine and the wifes phone.

    They stated that they could not do it due to 2 reasons:

    1) The emi (Or what ever number that is) are mixed up, my wife had mine, and I had hers.

    2) They state that they never received my jump phone from the previous year, and yet, I sent it in the SAME time SAME envelope as the wifes and they got hers.

    So I had to wait 2 days to order the wifes. I called back July 28 to see if the EMI  numbers were fixed, and they were so I tried to order AGAIN, and NO go for me due to the issue with the jump phone. So THey were supposed to get an investigation going, and send me an email showing it was going on. NEVER GOT THE EMAIL! So I called July 29 to confirm the dispute, and NOTHING, NO RECORD NOTHING. So I ordered my wifes phone, and STARTED ANOTHER DISPUTE or investigation whatever they want to call it, and was told it will take 5 - 7 days and I will get an email, and a call from a rep on Friday Aug 2. Well, guess what, NO CALL. So I call Aug 2 after 5pm and they did not see aything once again, then after  10 min on the phone they see it, and said that the warehouse DID find the phone and it will be taken off so I can do my jump. But they state it will take 3-5 days, and I will receive an email saying it was finished. Well, NOW it is the 5th day (actually the 6th) and NOTHING, NO CALL, NO EMAIL!HOW HARD is it to take a phone off? THere are soo many people in Tmobile that do not know what they are doing. As soon as my phone is paid, IM LEAVING!


    Aaron Hart

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        It doesn't matter what carrier your with always and I mean always send phones back in separate envelopes or boxes. Usually there's a return authorization label for each device and when both of them are received in the same box the number is only for one device. Meaning they don't have an RMA for the other. Its understandable to think that with the IMEI numbers on file they would be able to locate the owner of that device however making it as simple as possible for the warehouse to do their job is Paramount.

        • magenta2385235

          Re: Jump Phone not received

          Then they need to put something on the paperwork saying if you have MULTIPLE PHONES DO NOT RETURN THEM TOGETHER! I was only trying to be economical. Also, I can not see why the warehouse would get confused, 2 phone, 2 different numbers, or are they just too lazy to look at paperwork to match.