SyncUP Drive - Not updating when car off


    I got a SyncUP drive 3 weeks ago and it has been fantastic up until 2 days ago when middle of the night I get a notification that the device has been unplugged.  inspection I find nothing out of the ordinary. I restart the car and it sent me data. I then parked the car and switched off and the device wouldn't update data. today I went to a T-Mobile store and they swapped the SIM card. I went through the installation again by adding a car and it recognized the newly added car. I merged the existing and new car profile and drive for an hour. Data updating and everything looked fine. I parked the car 3 hours ago and the app says Data Received 3 hours ago. The device again isn't sending data  app. I hear the servers are down and Tmobile tower is impacted in NYC. Anybody out there with similarly unique problem?

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