Is it me..or is anyone else annoyed with 16gb


    Honestly i thought 16gb was a good enough for me, the i realized that i take alot of pictures of my kids and trips we take that i started noticing the no more storage notification. so i looked up what was taking it all up and it wasn't even my pictures it was Facebook, snapchat, insta, twitter.. i was like geez i went through my photos for no reason!! The i realized today that i qualify for a JUMP trade!! so excited, going to get the iPhone 7 256gb. i know its ALOT but hey, its the same price as the 128gb!! i think its a STEAL!! Am i right? let me know in the comments

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      • I use Google photos or Microsoft one drive or Google drive. I use a 32GB iP7+. I back everything up to one of those clouds.  So internal storage is nonissue. I use a 64GB card in my Androids. Both methods are cheaper than buying models with extra internal storage.

        • simataas

          One reason I've never considered an iPhone is the lack of external storage (i.e. a micro SD card).  A few months ago I picked up two 128 GB micro SD cards for < $45 each ( for our two Samsung Galaxy phones.  The best part is that when we switched from our old carrier to T-Mobile just a few days ago, we were able to seamlessly install our micro SD cards into our new phones!  I guess it makes sense that the iPhone is now coming with such large internal storage, but it seems upgrading to a new phone would be costly.  Perhaps snn_555's suggestion of using a cloud service makes more sense?

          • Or. Use a combo of physical hard drives and cloud. Early cloud supporters were rewarded with more space. As we're purchasers of certain LG and Google phones. Those promos might end but other perks are permanent.  I have 119GB here and 30GB there and 50GB over there. More than enough for 3 backups.

            • kpo6969

              I don't like or use or trust the cloud. I also don't like 32GB either, I think 64GB should be the norm. And using an sd card. I always think of it this way that your sd should be 2x the phone's storage. That's just my opinion.

              • drnewcomb2

                Most users take photos at resolutions much higher than they are capable of seeing and eat up data storage with unnecessarily large photos and videos. Most phones have settings that control the resolution of the photos. Really, unless you are blowing the pictures up to something measured in feet by feet, 1024 along the long edge is plenty.


                It all depends on if you want to be on or off the cycle of constant phone payments.

                  • simataas

                    Re: Is it me..or is anyone else annoyed with 16gb

                    A good point regarding resolution.  I don't leave photos on my phone for more than a year or so, and I do use the highest resolution my phone will accommodate because I figure I can always compress them later if I need to and I periodically transfer them to a home Network Attached Storage (NAS).  The NAS works similar to cloud storage, except I own & control it (and it physically resides in my home).  The system seems to work well: virtually unlimited storage, can be accessed by all my devices from anywhere, has expandadble dual 2TB drives with an auto-backup feature to safeguard from data loss, and provides apps & functionality similar to Dropbox.  I use a lower-end model Synology, but would have invested in a higher-end model if I had known how well the Synology performs.


                    All that said, it sounds like pictures aren't even the issue magenta2138519 was having, with social media apps apparently consuming significant storage.  That's a lot of apps!  And NAS won't help with that.