unlock tmobile iphone5




    can you please unlock my iphone which is locked just for t mobile sim cards. I bought it 3-4 years ago.

    imei: 013421001293086

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      • mehmetcanburakkaraoglan

        i bought it with a contract.

          • e2k

            Re: unlock tmobile iphone5

            You must be a current or former T-Mobile USA customer in order to qualify to receive an unlock code. Please review the unlock requirements. If you meet the requirements, call customer service or initiate a chat session from the contact us page to request an unlock code.


            Please note that if you are not a current or former T-Mobile USA customer, you do not qualify for an unlock code, and cannot obtain one from T-Mobile. In such case, you will have to use a commercial unlocking service.


            To reach T-Mobile customer care from abroad:

            • From a cellular phone with a T-Mobile SIM card, dial 1-505-998-3793. You will not be charged for the call
            • From a landline phone, dial the appropriate international dialing prefix, + 1-505-998-3793. Charges for this call will be assessed according to the plan you have with your landline long distance carrier.


            You can also contact T-Force via social media to make your unlock request. Just make sure you meet the unlock requirements first. Otherwise, T-Force will not be able to help you.


            To contact T-Force

            Go to the Contact Us page and use the Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus link under in the “Social Support” section.