Weird RCS issue on Galaxy S8+


    Hi everyone,

    I have a weird issue that I'm hoping someone can help with. I recently did a SIM swap to troubleshoot a previous issue I was having with DIGITS. That issue has been resolved, but a new one has now been created...


    Background: I am using a Galaxy S8+ with multi-line settings enabled. I have a virtual line, a duplicate line, and two additional regular T-Mobile voice lines, that are all connected to my main T-Mobile number.


    Before the SIM swap: All messages I sent and received with my Galaxy S8+ came through as RCS (the phone called them "chat" messages, but same thing). It didn't matter whom I texted or who texted me; all SMS and MMS messages arrived at my phone as RCS messages.


    After the SIM swap: I can only send and receive SMS and MMS messages. Nothing is being converted to RCS anymore, although (as far as I can tell) messages are still being synced in the DIGITS apps properly.


    I preferred the way things were before the SIM swap, because MMS messages especially came through instantaneously. I use this a lot because I'm in a lot of group conversations via MMS, and now messaging is overall slower because my Galaxy will no longer utilize RCS, even though DIGITS is enabled for my line. Is there any way to get things back to how they were, or is this intended behavior? Did I only have this previously because I was part of the beta, and DIGITS implementation was changed before I switched SIM cards? Help!

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      • jcf2007

        Re: Weird RCS issue on Galaxy S8+

        Well, as I troubleshot this more, I discovered that I could not send any messages from my DIGITS lines, only my main line. I think this is related and has something to do with RCS not working. I ended up factory resetting my phone, and now all is back to normal...fingers crossed it stays this way!


        Leave it to me to break something like this!

        • stevefrench85

          Re: Weird RCS issue on Galaxy S8+

          I've also been having some weird RCS issues. I also found that my phone was not sending or receiving Digits SMS/MMS from other lines. Factory Data Reset seems to have fixed that now, not sure what was doing that (I think it might have been my usage of Android Messages in place of Samsung Messages for a little while?).


          Anyway, now that I'm back to normal, do you notice that delivery receipts work for you? I can see them between my lines, but outside of that nothing else seems to work for delivery receipts.