The Windows 10 app does not route sound through headset


    Regardless of what audio setting I choose it only routes audio to the internal speaker.  It routes microphone fine, but won't route call audio to headset.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta723! Sorry to read about this issue! If you're still having trouble, can I ask a little more about the headset you're using? Is it wired, or Bluetooth? What settings options are you trying -- are they on the device, or within the app itself?


        - Marissa

          • magenta723

            The headset is a sennheiser headset that plugs in via USB.  I was trying to select the headset for both the microphone and speakers individually in the digits windows 10 app using the audio setting.  This wasn't working, only the microphone worked.


            I think I just figured it out though.  In my Windows 10 settings I selected the headset as the default communications device.  I then selected communications as the option in the digits app.  This seems to work!


            Although today the windows 10 digits app seems to be stuck on "connecting" whenever I try to place a call.  Incoming calls are ringing, and when I answer they stop ringing, but also get stuck on connected about 70% of the time, then drop the call.  Whats weird is that I've been testing this using my home phone, and the home phone stops ringing when I pickup the call, and thinks that the call is connected, even though the digits app doesn't' connect.  My cell then notifies me of a long voicemail.