How much have you saved?


    I, with my sister, her husband, and my mother, switched from AT&T to T-Mobile.  We were paying around $200 from 6GB of shared data.  That was including a 15% discount for working for the state.  Right now, we are paying $140 for unlimited data - and that's without any discounts.  That means the $60/month savings equates to $720 each year.  That will pretty much get me a new smartphone for free! =)


    How much did you save if you switched to T-Mobile?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: How much have you saved?

        I don't know if you want to know but, you asked...


        When I switched to T-Mobile (15?) years ago, I came over with a comparably priced plan as I had with Sprint.  I may have gotten a few more minutes?  I don't fully recall.  The reason I switched was coverage issues with Sprint (constant dropped calls in my living room with 4 bars).


        Every time T-Mobile came out with a plan that was a bargain, I switched to it.  If the new stuff was more expensive, I stayed where I was.  I'm grandfathered to a pretty sweet deal that I doubt I can get a better price anywhere (and by "better price anywhere", I mean it.  The company I work for is about to be bought by the communications company that has a logo that resembles a Death Star [that you switched from], and I doubt their discounts for employees would give me anything better than I have now with Magenta).

          • skap234

            Re: How much have you saved?

            I had the "Death Star" service (perfect analogy, by the way) for about 15 years and they were several names...Bell South, Cingular, and then AT&T since 2002.  I stayed with them through the years because I briefly had Verizon and they were horrible with customer service and refused to take back a recalled item (if you remember the first lithium battery recalls in the early 2000s, this is that timeframe).  Never attempted to go with Sprint because there service is still spotty at best to this day.  A few years ago I tried the "7 night stand" promotion and liked the service, but didn't make the jump.  It wasn't until recently I was treated very poorly my a manager at an AT&T service call after my account was messed up I decided to leave Ole Blue to Magenta.  Anytime the manager's response is "Well, what do you want me to do?" when I ask "Why isn't my mobile number attached to my mobile account?" results in me no longer using that service. The correct response is "Let me add it [since you only have a mobile account with us]."

          • tidbits

            Re: How much have you saved?

            Curently I took a lot of advantage of promotions


            I pay 8 lines for $160 all unlimited everything(10GB tethering).  My bill is cheaper than when I had Verizon with unlimited data for just 1 line. 

            • artart

              Re: How much have you saved?


              Welcome to The T-Mobile Support Community.

              Based on your activity in the forum over the last 8 hrs or so, I know that you are not just passing through. I see that you have already contributed much to the support community. I am looking forward to all that you will have to share with us in the future.


              As for your question. How much have I saved? I have never had any other carrier but T-Mobile. I have no idea how much I have saved by never having been a customer of any of the over priced carriers. Over the course of almost two decades, I am absolutely sure I have saved a lot.


              Thanks for participating in the forum. Now I have a question for you. Could you share some of the reasons that brought you to the community forum?  If possible, could you take a few moments and respond in the thread, "What Brought You To This Community Forum?"


              Do you have a preference for a name or nickname by which you would like to be addressed?  It is really difficult for me to keep addressing you as an email address.



                • barcodeable

                  Re: How much have you saved?

                  Umm, Skap234 asked so I feel obligated to answer. (You asked For It)


                  Well as of about 2007 I started with two (2) lines of T-Mobile Unlimited Talk/Text (zero data/zero mobile hotspot) for around $50 dollars. I thought that was a great deal. But as time passed... I kept getting these phone calls from T-Mobile asking if i was interested in adding a data plan, I kept replying "No".... well, I actually said "No Thank You" I wasn't raised in a barn . T-Mobile cell coverage was horrible back in those days in my area, so it wasn't beneficial for me to upgrade to a data plan that I wouldn't/couldn't use unless I traveled to a bigger town. So I kept my $50 (two line plan). I also had the Verizon Unlimited talk/text (450 minutes of data) iPhone plan because they had better coverage in my area which cost me (after taxes) around $90 Dollars. If T-Mobile had the iPhone at that time, well... I would of considered getting the T-Mobile    iPhone.... but at that time (Verizon was the only carrier of the iphone) so that's why i was glued to Verizon. oh I just remembered... i hated Verizon Overage Charges. I wasn't good at waiting till the off peak hours to use free minutes after 7pm durring weekdays... im so glad those peak-hour limits are so Im so sorry for being long winded.... but as smplyunprdctble stated concerning being on a grandfathered plan and saving a bunch, im in the same boat.


                  I have checked.... T-Mobile is the BOSS when it comes to International Calling. They have improved their International service plan since 2009, and i took full advantage of their low cost upgrades. And fast forward to all these free lines being given away as if it's free candy... I'm glued to T-Mobile now.

                  Let me list what I have and let you be the judge of the savings.


                  Line #1

                  Simple Choice Promo (Unlimited Data/Text/Calls) w/7GB wifi mobile Hotspot

                  Stateside Unlimited International Mobile/Landline and Text.

                  Napster UnRadio $4.99 Value

                  Vudu $3.99 Monthly Credits for having BingeOn activated.



                  Line #2

                  Simple Choice Promo (Unlimited Data/Text/Calls) w/7GB wifi mobile Hotspot

                  Stateside Unlimited International Mobile/Landline and Text.

                  Napster UnRadio $4.99 Value

                  Vudu $3.99 Monthly Credits for having BingeOn activated.



                  Line #3 ($40 Value / this line was FREE)

                  Simple Choice Promo (Unlimited Data/Text/Calls) w/7GB wifi mobile Hotspot

                  Stateside Unlimited International Mobile/Landline and Text.

                  Napster UnRadio $4.99 Value

                  Vudu $3.99 Monthly Credits for having BingeOn activated.



                  Line #4 Simple ($40 Value / this line was FREE)

                  Choice Promo (Unlimited Data/Text/Calls) w/7GB wifi mobile Hotspot

                  Stateside Unlimited International Mobile/Landline and Text.

                  Napster UnRadio $4.99 Value

                  Vudu $3.99 Monthly Credits for having BingeOn activated.



                  Line #5 ($40 Value / this line was FREE)

                  Simple Choice Promo (Unlimited Data/Text/Calls) w/7GB wifi mobile Hotspot

                  Stateside Unlimited International Mobile/Landline and Text.

                  Napster UnRadio $4.99 Value

                  Vudu $3.99 Monthly Credits for having BingeOn activated.



                  Line #6

                  6GB Mobile Hotspot Data Plan w/BingeOn



                  Line #7

                  2GB Mobile Hotspot Data Plan w/Music Freedom



                  Line #8

                  200mb On-Demand Tablet line (Free Data For Life)



                  Line #9

                  200mb On-Demand Tablet line (Free Data For Life)



                  Line #10

                  200mb On-Demand Tablet line (Free Data For Life)



                  Line #11

                  200mb On-Demand Tablet line (Free Data For Life)




                  NOTE: Lines 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 are all eligible for T-Mobile Tuesdays giveaways

                  so, I save every week.


                  When there was the $25 Dollar Zappos giveaway for T-Mobile I racked in $175 dollars for that week in gifts alone....


                  Free Pizza's x Seven


                  Dunkin Donuts x Seven


                  Redbox x Seven


                  Baskin Robins x Seven


                  MLB Season At Bat Pass x Seven


                  Fandango x seven


                  Vudu x Seven


                  Magazine Subscriptions x Seven....


                  etc., etc., etc., I could go on and on... but im sure the point has been made very clear. I save and save and save every week. Oh... I forgot to mention how much I am charged for all of the stuff I have on my plan. Im sure you wouldn't have guessed .... but I pay only $145 Dollars a month. After taxes my cost comes to exactly $168.20 cents.



                  COST BREAKDOWN


                  My first 2 voice lines cost me $100 dollars

                  My remaining 3 voice lines were FREE from the Black Friday promotion and The March 1st "This One's On Us" Promo.

                  6GB Mobile Hotspot Plan cost me $25

                  2GB Mobile Hotspot Plan cost me $10

                  and my Family Stateside International Plan cost me $10 and that covers all 5 voice lines on my account.


                  so, Now that I have listed everything I'm getting with T-Mobile.... You tell me how much I'm saving


                  oh, an I almost forgot to mention. I dropped Verizon $90 450 Minute Voice/Unlimited Text/ Data Plan completely in 2010... It actually felt so good to drop them and give T-Mobile all of my business. And T-Mobile coverage has improved tremendously since 2009 so why would I ever leave T-Mobile ?

                    • artart

                      Re: How much have you saved?

                      WOW barcodeable

                      I am flabbergasted.

                      I have basically the same plan you do. I however was  not paying attention on Black Friday and that ship sailed without me. I then resolved to keep in touch with  T-Mobile news and updates, so if the ship ever came back to port, I would then make sure I climbed aboard. Of course that ship came back in March and stayed in port for one week only. Now I have three lines.


                      As I left Duncan Donuts with my 1 dozen free donuts, and a big smile on my face,  I was wondering why that guy with boxes of donuts piled up to his eyeballs, was laughing so hard. Thank you for solving that mystery.



                      • barcodeable

                        Re: How much have you saved?


                    • Re: How much have you saved?

                      Shortest I could make this answer.

                      Reads more of a history than a savings timeline.


                      Since 1998.


                      Cellular One (don't remember)

                      Alltel (don't remember) 1 year postpaid

                      Sprint (2 days returned to Alltel) no coverage

                      Alltel prepaid $30 100 min

                      Alltel contract till ATT merger (2 weeks after merger moved to Verizon) CDMA to GSM conversion was a mess

                      Verizon contract probably $80 a month limited min text unlimited data

                      Verizon contract unlimited everything $115

                      T-Mobile (1 week) no coverage back to Verizon

                      Verizon prepaid $50

                      T-Mobile $50 Simple Choice 2GB

                      T-Mobile 2 lines $100 plus tax 2GB

                         Change with emp disc to $85 plus tax

                      T-Mobile ONE Plus 2 lines $80.


                      So now I pay $40 a month unlimited everything with 10GB hotspot at LTE the 3G after 10GB


                      As far as other savings go, Tmo Tuesdays have saved me about $70 in gas. The rest of the offers do not benefit me.


                      Theres about 100 other ways to get the same benefits of those offers without signing up for endless deals where I have to sign up and do a trial and cancel and go through all that hassle. Krispy Kreme is king here and DD is a huge no no. Lyft and Uber are non existent here. Movie tickets are good. Digital magazines are no interest to me. I play the game every week like one might the lottery.  Never know. Might win. It's all mostly free so why not?


                      So in close:

                      I have been with every major carrier to include a 3 month stint with Boost which sucked. I have been on prepaid and postpaid and contract and no contract. Been limited and unlimited. I'm good right here for now.

                      • barcodeable

                        Re: How much have you saved?

                        artart I was ontop of the free phone lines on Black Friday when they were introduced. At first I thought there was some of catch or strings attached to getting the free lines, so i will admit I was skeptical, Because since when will a cell carrier give you anything free?  I said to myself, If they give out more free voice lines... I will pounce again. And on March 1st T-Mobile did it again.


                        And after reading what you just wrote about a guy leaving Dunkin Donuts up to his eyeballs with boxes with a huge grin.... that was me all the way. I told the guy behind the counter all the donuts i wanted.... he put them all neatly in the box. $23.75 worth of donuts was given to me for FREE after they scanned all of my $2 promo The cashier was so surprised at how many Dunkin Donut virtual gift cards I had.... My receipt was twice as long as my I admit i ate many donuts that night... I need to watch my cholesterol and calories and sodium intake so I had self control and only ate 4 donuts but the rest were consumed by my family. And I have $7 more virtual Dunkin' donuts credits left .


                        Im sorry you were unable to take advantage of those 2 free phone lines promo deal . Not to add salt to your wounds... but both of those FREE phone lines during the BLACK FRIDAY promotion were both eligible to get FREE PHONES too if you added them on the EIP Payment Plan!!!! I didn't get the free phones because i couldn't afford the upfront taxes on the devices during that period . I wish i could of added the taxes to the payment plan too .


                        I failed to mention the Four (4) OnDemand Tablet lines with 200mb of Free For Life data was also FREE. "THE DEATH STAR" charges i think $20 for a 200mb tablet plan and T-Mobile had been just giving them away to EVERYONE since i believe 2013.


                        so with three (3) free voice lines that are $40 each if i paid for them without the promo, four (4) ondemand tablet lines with 200mb a month... any place else you can be charged approximately $20 dollars. $10 off of my 6GB and 2GB mobile hotspot plan due to having a qualifying voice plan that amounts to $20 Dollars of savings. The Stateside International calling and text plan for 5 lines.... comes to about $25 each on the ONE PLAN... so i save $115 Dollars when it cones to that. But, overall savings depend on your perspective. VERIZON would charge so much fir having 5 voice lines calling internationally. Napster for five (5) phone lines,  and Vudu $3.99 for five (5) phone lines..... if i add up all of these to come up with a dollar amount of my savings without even hinting at whatever is given out on T-Mobile Tuesdays....


                        $24.95 savings with napster

                        $19.95 savings with Vudu

                        $120 savings with 3 FREE $40 Voice Lines

                        $10 credit with my 6GB data plan

                        $10 credit with my 2GB data plan

                        $80 savings with having four (4) FREE 200mb tablet LINES


                        SAVINGS PER MONTH: $264.90 (approx)

                        SAVINGS PER YEAR: $3,178.80. (approx)


                        If i add the weekly savings of T-Mobile Tuesdays.... umm, that amount could probably double. But Tmobile distribute a variety of free services, deals, and products every week... so it's difficult to calculate those savings... but they do add up, believe me. Many of the services I do not take advantage of at all because it's worthless to me: Lyft, Buffalo Wild Wings, not interested in the Digital Magazines..... but i did take advantage of the ESPN magazine offer....  and the HEARST Publishing magazines..... I took full advantage of those.... I wasn't able to get the Car and Driver magazine, or GQ magazine, Road and Track magazines because i was too slow to redeem the offer so only girly magazines were available .

                        • barcodeable

                          Re: How much have you saved?

                          umm, looking to pull in $38.50 in vudu credits this coming T-Mobile Tuesday .

                          • Re: How much have you saved?

                            Just a little venting here.  But it is on point.


                            2 lines of unlimited data with 2 flagship devices and both lines with insurance.


                            $160 vs $225.

                            I save $65 a month on Tmo vs VZW.


                            Im bad about giving unsolicited advice. Kinda comes with the territory here. I'm pretty good about knowing my plans (outside of specific-to each-person details, you know how there's ONE plan but 100 variations) knowing devices and other carrier fine print and pitfalls.


                            Well. My best friend and then my own mother who are both on VZW go off and buy new phones and either make or don't make plan changes. Both overpaid for a G6 and a SG8+. One is still paying ungodly for 4 GB data and a $20 contract line charge even being 3 years past the contract ending. That's a lot of wasted money.


                            Whether they heard me when I said this G6 was $xx cheaper here or they didn't have to spend $800+ there and paid no mind or thought they could do it on their own, IDK.


                            People gonna do what they want to do.


                            Folks gonna pay way more than me for the same devices and plans on a different carrier even after they say budget is a concern.


                            Both live in Tmo territory. It's that stigma attached to Tmo down here where VZW has always been the king. Hard to overcome.


                            They see see me as a poster boy I guess.


                            Wisdom from the wise is so passé.

                              • artart

                                Re: How much have you saved?

                                snn_555 Thanks for posting this.

                                I have a very good friend who is mentally locked in to Verizon. He really doesn't seem to care how much money he is losing by not switching to T-Mobile. I believe that the phenomenon that is in play here is called "cognitive lock-in".


                                We can't take rejection of advice personally, when friends and family refuse to change long standing habits, just to save hundreds  of dollars per year for the rest of their lives.



                              • barcodeable

                                Re: How much have you saved?

                                Other than having discussions here on this Forum, I try to stay out of conversations where the subject matter is about cell phone carriers. It's like not talking about religion at work, or schools. I maintain the "Don't Ask Don't Tell Philosophy" I have convinced my parents to get T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan a few years ago, but they switched only after i sent them a copy of my bill so they could see actual savings. After a weekend of emails and  hours of phone calls I finally convinced them to leave Verizon. They ended up ultimately leaving T-Mobile and returning back to Verizon due to T-Mobile's  lack of coverage in my parents secluded Florida area.


                                snn_555  Verizon has lost many followers to T-Mobile within the last year or so, so the Verizon Zombies are becoming more aware that there are other cellular alternatives. I personally don't like the T-Mobile's ONE Plan, but it's far better than Verizon's and AT&T's offered plans. When it comes to Internationalling calling and texting... T-Mobile is King of that Jungle.

                                  • Re: How much have you saved?

                                    You're spot on about leaving this topic out of daily conversation. Wireless carrier talk is like politics and religion and even sports talk.


                                    Isnt it silly?  The verbal blow ups that happen over carrier plans and manufacturers of devices!


                                    Each one of those areas above only wants our money yet here we are defending one or the other.


                                    Tomfoolery and jockularity.