Galaxy S6 Battery drain


    June 16, 2017 - T-Mobile software update has left my phone unable to hold a charge.  I have done everything I can to adjust my phone, but no luck.  Any suggestions out there on how to correct this issue?  Didn't have this problem yesterday, but after the update ran my phone simply won't hold a charge.  This is ridiculous. 

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Galaxy S6 Battery drain

        A couple of things, first after any update it is recommended to clear the cache partition.  Wipe cache partition: Samsung Galaxy S 6 edge  (S6 Edge and S6 are the same process)


        Second have you gone into the settings under battery to see what is draining the battery the most?   Was this update from MM to Nougat?  If this was an "letter" update it is not that uncommon for an app to go "rogue" and not play well with the update.  For instance after I upgraded my old GS7e from MM to Nougat I had a similar issue where my battery life was not near what it was prior.  Turns out FB Messenger was the culprit and after uninstalling it the problem went away.  Eventually after it had been through a few updates on the play store finally put it back on and it behaved. 


        If that doesn't work unfortunately the next option is a factory reset and then would suggest adding your apps back a few at a time and see what happens and after you add each batch if it starts again you know it is one of those few apps.

        • tdmarsh

          Re: Galaxy S6 Battery drain

          Thank you - I'll give this a try.