DIGITS on iOS not working + features missing


    I just signed up for DIGITS yesterday and so far it has failed to work on my iPhone.    Here's the questions I have- Some are technical, some are features.   Can the community help me out?  Otherwise I am cancelling my DIGITS account (and the upgrade to ONE PLUS - i had ONE already).   My use case is to have this be a separate work number to keep personal and work calls separate.  I know all T-mobile numbers are now DIGITS, but the one I am referring to below is the new one I just added for WORK needs. 


    1.  Technical- when someone calls my new DIGITS number, it shows up as an incoming call on my iPhone as a regular call.  It does not tell me which number is being called.  The staff at the T-Mobile store tried for nearly 90 minutes and they are stumped (one employee said he did remember reading iPhone users were having problems with DIGITS).   This right here is enough to make me cancel DIGITS.   I have to know if it's a work call or just a spam call.


    2.  I want to be able to put the DIGITS number on pause (or do not ring) during certain hours of the day-- but NOT my entire iphone.  Other alternatives (Sideline, Grasshopper and Google Voice) will allow me to put time frame parameters (ie not business hours) so that the work calls do not ring at night, weekend or when vacation.   If just one number cannot be silenced and I have make the entire phone DND (Do Not Disturb) this is a useless app for me.


    3.  The DIGITS number I am supposed to be using for my Work number is supposed to flash purple.   Just like the technical issue in #1-- not only does it not tell me which line is ringing, there is no color differentiator.


    4.  Other similar apps (like Sideline) allow you to assign a different ringtone to the other phone line.  DIGITS needs to do this.


    I'm not here to be an angry customer, but I feel I was mislead on what DIGITS could provide me.    If DIGITS is not the solution for me to use, that is fine, just tell me.    And if it's not the right solution... can I buy a "real" second line that will work on my iPhone (ie, 2 numbers ringing 1 phone)?  At the end of the day-- that's all I really want.




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