Store would not exchange LG V10


    I purchased a LG V10 phone in November 2015.  After a few months, it began looping and powering down.  This phone was exchanged for a refurnished phone.  After a few months, the refurnished V10 phone periodically powers up.  Because I have insurance on the phone, customer service shipped the 2nd refurnished phone to the Powder Springs, GA store on Monday. Today, I went to pickup the phone and the store refused to exchange the phone.  The manager's reason was "the phone does not power up".  This is covered the insurance that I pay monthly.  I have been without a phone since Saturday. Today, it Tuesday.  I still do not have a phone.  Has anyone experienced this issue? 

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        Re: Store would not exchange LG V10

        Hey, magenta1826978!


        Thank you for bringing this to our attention. From the information you provided, it sounds like a warranty exchange was the right path to take but the store may not have handled the situation properly. I'm sorry we had you go to the store to get your replacement and you ended up walking out with the same phone that won't turn on. I hope that by now you have a working phone. Has this all been cleared up yet? If not, I recommend reaching out to Customer Care or T-Force here so we can get this squared away.