No Push Notice to users - of its OS updates


    Frustrated 10+yr customer. Using Samsung S6 that just had major OS update few months back.  Once again T-mobile feels it can unilaterally decide WHEN it is going to download an update on to a User's phone. And only then give a User notice that an update was downloaded to our phones. After the forced update, a pop-up screen ask when we want to install it.  I can't tell if T-mobile charges a User's Data usage, when it pushes a 1GB data download, but I know it has in the past year.  Because I have had this argument before and after wasting 20 mins with C.S., they give free data to make up for their lack of notice and control by the User - when to download said OS updates. My data plan is very comfortable for me at 2GB each month (never go over). I can control all background Apps with my Netguard App, except the T-mobile OS (obviously).  So a 1GB update has spiked my usage in the past.  ONLY because T-mobile won't allow me to choose WHEN I download its update (SUCH AS WHEN I HAVE WIFI AVAILABLE & TURNED ON - duh)!


    So you have to waste 15-20 mins with T-mobile customer svc - to get them to give you a free extra gig.  To make up for their OS update they forced my phone to download on t-mobile's schedule (instead of mine)!

    Every other device OS gives User's notice that a update is ready for the device and lets a user control when or IF it is downloaded.  Stop wasting your customer's time T-mobile.  Give us Notice of updates with pop-up screens and allow us control to download them with WIFI turned on!!

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