Help with unlock LG G4 (already tried calling)



    Can someone help with getting my phone unlocked for international use?


    I called customer service and was helped by a friendly guy named Gary and it was supposedly all set, but today I got this email.


    T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request
    Sim Unlock Reference:  12061171
    IMEI:  000000000000000

    Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time because the request did not contain all the information that is required in order to obtain the SIM Unlock code. Please submit a new request with the following information:

    1. Account holders name (required)
    2. T-Mobile account and mobile number (required)
    3. IMEI number, press *#06# on handset to get the IMEI (required)
    4. Customer's contact number and/or email address
    5. Make and model of the phone
    6. Carrier's name if the phone is from another carrier
    7. Brief reason for the request
    8. Dealer Code (if the request is from a dealer on behalf of a customer)

    Note: We can only process requests for previous or current T-Mobile (USA) customers and we can only attempt to provide unlock codes for equipment purchased within the US or Canada (excluding AT&T.) For all other handsets please refer your request back to the previous carrier.

    Thank You,

    Customer Service
    T-Mobile USA, Inc.


    I gave Gary all this info already. I have also tried the unlock app but that just throws an unknown failure error.



    It is clean and I meet the requirements.



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