Not able to use DIGITS with freedompop phone service


    I have an iPhone 6 with a FreedomPop service.  I tried to use DIGITS but I never get the text message from T-Mobile that validates the phone number.  I'm able to get text messages from other T-Mobile users so this is an issue with the phone validation process of DIGITS.


    Has anyone found a way around it?  Is there a way to file a bug for this issue?

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      • tmo_evan

        Couple of questions:

        1. Are you signing in with your T-Mobile ID or are you requesting to use a number?

        Please try to sign in with your T-Mobile ID, if you're not since that process usually works better


        2.When you're asked for the phone number, are you typing in the phone number for the phone in hand (e.g. the phone number of the phone on FreedomPop)? 

        Just want to make sure that you're typing in that number and not the number that you want to use.


        If you're already doing 1 and 2 in the desired method, then we'll need to investigate why the text message isn't delivered.  Let us know so we can start an investigation on that if necessary.


        And thanks for bringing this to our attention so we can work out a fix.

        • jeffdemilio

          same issue i have. i get no confirmation text.

          • jeffdemilio

            here is what i found on freedompop website. ......

            Unfortunately, because we use a VoIP calling application for our service instead of the dialer that came with the phone, these short codes will not work.

            Apps send a text message to the number that it detects is integrated into your phone. This is the same number you will see under Settings, and it is different from your FreedomPop phone number. Since the FreedomPop number is your primary phone number, you would not receive those texts.

            We are looking into a work around for short codes, but for now, try and use alternative methods to verify or authorize your applications.

            For example, many apps let you enter the phone number you'd like to verify, instead of using the one it detects automatically. In this case you can enter your FreedomPop number.

            so i assume tmobile need to do a different verifaction process. im calling them now

            • avasu01

              Signed for Digits today.  So far it's great!  However I too have an additional phone with a FreedomPop SIM and I run into the same issue where when I enter the number, I do not receive a confirmation code text message back.  Any assistance in getting this solved would be greatly appreciated!

                • magenta1645453

                  I too have the same issue of text.  They should provide an additional way like google voice does.  A phone call.


                  I'm not on freedom pop.  REAL ATT SIM and Phone Number.  I had to try multiple times time.  Finally I got a text and got to use Cell and Data instead of Data only.  But then I have another issue.  Calls are not being forwarded to the ATT number.   I thought that's what it going to happen.  Call and text forwarding.

                  WHile using Data only option.....that worked great.  I'm wondering if I should just go for that option since I have unlimited data anyway.  But I was hoping using Cell and Data would give bette quality...since it's GSM connection.  Please advise.

                    • magenta1645453

                      I'm going to respond to my own issue......and may be also say something usefull for the freedompop people.


                      There's no point to try to use DIGITS in "Minutes & Data" mode with a service from another Company.......I wish they would just mention that clearly in the Iphone App.

                      So those of you on Freedompop having problem getting the text as I did with an ATT SIM, there's no point in doing so anyway.  Even if you get the Text as I did after several attempts.....You will not be able to receive Inbound calls......if your main line tmobile SIM is offline (not in another phone) your calls will go straight to the voicemail.   If you put the SIM in another Spare phone then only that phone will ring.   Not the freedompop phone.    I found out that .....The only option is using the DATA ONLY option.   In that case tmobile will use the data on the phone to connect the call and you can both receive and call out.  With this option you do not need the original tmobile SIM to be online.   It will work regardless.


                      The reason is TMobile does not have access to the other Company Network.    When I was able to authenticate my number  thru the text, I was able to call with "Use minutes & Data" mode  but not able to receive calls.  Somehow tmobile is not able to forward calls to another network in cell mode.


                      So we all will need to use "DATA Only".  Which requires your Digits App to stay running in the background all the times.  But it works great.  Same as Google Voice but without the delay in ringing as I had beef with Google Voice.


                      Hope this helps.   For me this will work as long as ATT network is solid the places.  I'm trying to use a low cost unlimited data with ATT to get call in the office where Tmobile coverage is causing me to miss calls.