Name ID on the Samsung Galaxy S8+


    I pay the $5 for the Name ID and Visual Voicemail combo. 


    Samsung seems to have them both sort of built in, but they are also available from the Play Store.  I think I have figured out the Visual Voice Mail.  But I'm still confused on the Name ID. 


    My S8+ had a Name ID app built in, and it conforms to the Samsung design language, it is Magenta colored and just says "ID" on it.  However the app looks different when I open it up than the previous app did on my LG V20.


    It wasn't working properly, so I installed the Name ID app from the store, the one that looks like an ID Badge with a checkmark.  The service works with this one.  However, i cannot remove the other one, it looks better, and I would rather not have duplicate apps on my device.


    Anyone else have this and have the built in Name ID working?

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