LTE Security Camera connection issues

    I use an app named Alfred to remotely view multiple Android phones used as cameras.


    Being on T-Mobile I thought maybe it was an issue with them but had never had this issue before. Only experienced this using an ip7+ as a viewer.


    Maybe it was my WOW ISP since I had changed from TWC Spectrum ISP. Wow here doesn't support IPv6. Only IPv4. However.


    Turns out my Android can view and hear over LTE. Maybe it's a T-Mobile and iOS issue. Maybe a combination of several aspects.


    I still have to use a VPN to connect my iPhone to Alfred over LTE. The issue there is that the quality is so slow and degraded because of that.


    I venture to say it's an iOS issue Since my Androids do this fine. I've checked a few threads around the net but none give details or scenarios like mine.


    Maybe be a carrier update issue?  The app dev isn't sure the cause.


    ios 10.3.1

    Carrier 28.3

    Alfred 1.8.4

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