Note 4 constantly Crashing and Rebooting since 6.01 Update


    Has anyone been having this problem? My phone was working perfectly fine after a Marshmallow update about a month ago. Then suddenly, another update was performed on my phone the other day that just caused my phone to be almost un-useable. I tried clearing the cache and even did a master reset. It seemed to make my phone even worse. I tried taking out the micro SD card, running it in safe mode, etc. No improvement. The only apps that actually work well are the 2 video games I have on it. Everything else just freezes for several minutes and causes the phone to reboot, and even rebooting takes forever.  Not a happy customer at all right now... -_-

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      • tmo_chris

        Oh my goodness! That is no good at all. Wiping the cache, resetting the phone, taking out the SD card, and running it in safe mode are about the only things you could have done to resolve this. It's unfortunate but I think it may be time to replace that phone. Do you know if you have insurance on your line? If so, you will have an extended manufacturer’s warranty on the phone and we can replace it for you.  

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there! We hate reading about a device with a long life span suddenly turning like this -- kudos to you for trying everything you could to bring it back to life! We just wanted to check in and see if you'd had any luck with the troubleshooting after all or if you'd sought replacement equipment. How is everything going?


          - Marissa