It's a shame


    After having been Verizon customers since 2004, my wife and I decided to make the leap of faith and I and switch to T-Mobile.  Correction, we attempted to become T-Mobile customers; it has been nothing but a waste of time and gas.  The first trip to the store was actually pleasant, the representative was friendly and trying to earn my business.  The promotion at the time allowed me to trade in my Iphone S6 for a free Samsung S7 edge, and we would have purchased an additional phone.  The representative said I could get the corporate discount that I have with Verizon, one that AT&T and Sprint both offer me as well. He was also going to throw in the sync car hot-spot item.  I was really impressed; however, the store did not have the phones. The representative offered to pick up the phones from a different store on the way home, and have them there the following day.  Again, I was impressed.  Before going to the store the following day, I text him and let him know I was coming.  Upon arriving at the store, I find out he was not able to get the phones from the store.   It sounds like he tried, but they wouldn't relinquish them to him.  I appreciated the effort; however, I had text him before I came. He could have saved me the time and gas by letting me know that.  I stopped in again a week later; my faith in texting him had been damaged.  Unfortunately, they still didn't have the phones in.  Fast forward a couple weeks to today, I attempt to become a T-Mobile customer for the fourth time.  The store now  has the S8s, but still no S7 edges.  The promotion is now over, and I am now expected to pay full retail for both phones.  I attempted to get the phones while they were under promotion three times.  If my wife and I were under contract with Verizon, T-Mobile would also pay $1300 in early termination fees between two lines.  We are not under contract, I can save them that money; I just wanted them to honor the promotion that I attempted to receive three times while it was still valid.  Any guesses what happened?  For shame T-Mobile for wasting people's time, for shame........

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      • tmo_amanda

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        Hey, magenta1339333!


        Goodness! I definitely see areas of opportunity that were clearly missed and would have saved you a decent amount of time and money. Just to be sure I'm referencing the correct promo, did this one take place in November? I can't say what happened for sure but do know the option to order online or visit the store that had stock were available. It sounds like the store rep had great intentions but in the end wasn't able to make it work. Again, there is room for improvement in our communication with you regarding the promo which will be passed along. I recommend keeping an eye on current promotions here.

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            Hi Amanda,


            Thank you for your reply!  No, the promotion ran until the beginning of April.  It took a lot of self-convincing to potentially leave Verizon after so long; maybe the feeling in my big gut regarding the change was right.  I like the message T-mobile is trying to put out there to the other carriers; however, I don't know if it is worth it after this experience....

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                Gotcha, magenta1339333! I understand your hesitance after this experience. The good news is that we do run offers like this from time to time, and your circumstances truly do seem like they'd be a good fit (most of these offers require trade-ins and port-ins along with activation on a qualifying plan, which aren't things that come so easily to all customers), so I hope you'll stay tuned to the link that Amanda provided above. I wish we'd been able to earn your business this time -- but I sincerely hope you'll check back in and we'll have something similar for you (hopefully sooner than later).


                - Marissa