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    I am not sure if anything can be done but I recently paid off my Gear S3 and T-mobile screwed up and ended up canceling it thus removing me from the beta. I traded my S7 edge for an 8+ and they said with the new sim they would reverse the wearables numbers and that would fix it.  That didn't work and my S3 Gear is no longer on the beta. The next 2 reps said I would just have to wait until the beta opens up again and register again which seems pretty bad.


    Are there any other options? I miss having it on the Digits beta, it did what I was used to with AT&T.


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      • tmo_evan

        Re: Wearable issues



        Sounds like something got messed up when the reps were trying to do something else for you.  I've tagged one of the admins and if we can get some information from you (T-Mobile ID, numbers, number for the duplicate line that was cancelled, etc) we can go look up what was done and maybe reverse some of it for you, it really depends on us talking a look at what was done to see if any of it can be undone.  No promises though.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Wearable issues

          Hey there!  I've sent a private message your way - if you have a moment to take a look at your inbox and reply there, I can get the information passed along for you!  Thank you so much.


          - Marissa

          • tmo_evan

            Re: Wearable issues

            I'm a little bit confused now.  I looked up your account and it shows that you have a duplicate SIM line already active on your account and that it is paired correctly to your primary number so your wearable should be getting the same calls as your main phone etc.


            I also noticed that you had an extra set of DIGITS which as a virtual line and didn't see anything incorrect with that either.  Is it that you wanted the number ending "28" to be a number that people could call directly or is it something else that's incorrect?


            You can also go into my.t-mobile or https://myDIGITS.t-mobile.com and take a look at the lines you have and how they are setup for use on different devices.


            Please let either tmo_marissa or I the details of issues.  If you want to provide your exact numbers please do so via a private message to Marissa so that your personal info isn't immortalized on the forum.