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    good day to everyone I am wondering why do JOD plans pay for taxes, upgrade fee, assesta fee,SIM card, plus a good amount of down payment? I use be able to pay very little to nothing for my JOD upfront now I came out with paying a shocking 100 bucks. For a customer like me that has been with T-Mobile for 3 plus years actually more like since 2008 I would have thought I would make a great deal for my tenure years to play less then most people upfront i upgrade often and it doesn't seem very appealing when i paying a 300 bill plus 100 bucks for an upgrade it should be less for upfront so I can have more accessories bough. Like I don't mind paying 50 bucks out the door just not 100 plus bucks. I hope their. can be promos to pay less upfront.

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      • allenenriquez1985

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        Fyi I can go to metro right now and pay basically nothing for a mid phone. Just putting it in prospective.

        • tmo_mike_c

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          We definitely want you to take advantage of our JOD and feel like you're getting the best possible price. The best suggestion I can offer is to keep an eye out for our promo pricing. I'm sure we'll have some sweet deals that'll help folks out with the pricing.

          • howardio

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            I was wondering the same thing myself. I'm done with my lease on a 64gb 6sPlus and it's gonna cost me about 150 bucks to upgrade to a 128gb 7Plus. I'm opting to buy out the phone and I'll just go to a different company when the 8 comes out. The people at support never even say it's for taxes, etc. They call the whole thing an "upgrade fee." When I ask why there's a fee, the response is that it's because I'm upgrading to a better phone. Hello???!!! The literature says you can't swap out a phone on JOD unless you upgrade. I don't understand the point of JOD. They lead you to believe that it's free upgrades when you sign up and then it turns into convoluted doublespeak when you actually try to upgrade.