T-Mobile one switching promotion problem ($150 per line)



    I switched from ATT in Feb. At that time, I was offered $150 per line to switch ($150, not "up to $150"). I never got to the point where I could submit a request to get this promotion. I was instructed to go here:www.t-mobile.com/promotion after the switch has taken place. But I could never pass the login page. It asks the phone number, the PIN number and the promotional code (17SWITCHER). Always returns "There were no promotions that matched your search criteria". Today, I was instructed by the customer service (phone) to send an email to Breakfree@t-mobilesupport.com with the last bill of ATT. I was told that I had 60 days to do that from the switch date. No-one told me that when I was offered these $150 per line for switching.

    So, what are the steps that need to be followed to get these $150 per line?


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