Phone card use overseas while roaming


    I am in Germany. I have my iPhone/number from the US. I want to call back to the US by when I use my calling card ( bought in the US) 1 800 number it tells me I will get charged. I used the international number but it didn't work because I believe that number is for calling from an international phone but I have my US phone only I'm roaming in Germany. If I use my calling card will I get charged to the card or with Tmobile? I would hate to get charged to both. If it helps I have the att global prepaid card

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Phone card use overseas while roaming

        This is a really good question jeyloz27. We want you to have all the info you need so you're aware of how it'll work with calling cards. If you're using them while you're roaming, you would be charged the T-Mobile rate in addition to the rate by the calling card provider. I'm not sure how it'll work for the AT&T card unfortunately.

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          • jeyloz27

            Re: Phone card use overseas while roaming

            Thank you, yes I was afraid that was the case now i will be paying double

            for some calls I made. I will see. I have made calls before without a phone

            card and mytmobile would display them in my usage as roaming from Telekom

            (service here in Germany) to the US and the price for the call. The calls I

            made with the phone card however just show international and a balance of

            -0.00. I will see when my bill shows up. Maybe they haven't processed them

            yet. I will update once I get my bill.

            • jeyloz27

              Re: Phone card use overseas while roaming

              just wanted to reach out after this whole dilemma and provide results. After waiting I got my bill and unfortunately yes I did get charged for the calls back to the states from Germany even though I used a calling card. I also got charged on my phone card as well. I called Tmobile and asked how I could go about this so i wouldnt do it wrong next time. I was given the explanation that while roaming internationally even if you use a calling card you will be charged by Tmobile and on the calling card. Alternatively like tmo_mike_c suggested and the Tmobile rep did wifi calling is a good choice since it is free back to the US. on top of that the Tmobile representative was kind enough to refund me the money charged even though he did not have too and I didn't ask and it was just 4 dollars and change. That was a good part on him I wish I would have written his name down but either way a big thanks to him and Tmobile for being an outstanding company thats looks out for the little guy