I'm on my 4th LG V10!! Any solutions?


    My V10 went into a bootloop at the WORST possible time... The night before my wedding. It was frustrating but they gave me a replacement under my warranty so I figured the issue had been resolved. About a month later the same thing happens again! I looked online and  found that alot of other people are having the same issue with the V10. I decided I would ask If my V10 could be replaced with a different device because this had happened twice already. Nope. The only option was to get another V10, so I did. Now, (only about 8 days after I got this 3rd V10) it went into a bootloop again. No impacts, no water damage, just another malfunctioning device. T-mobile wont even let me return the phone to finish off the payment plan, so my only option is to keep paying for a phone that I cant trust to last longer than a week.


    Does anybody have ideas about what I should do? (other than drop Tmobile.)

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      • theartiszan

        Re: I'm on my 4th LG V10!! Any solutions?

        That is very strange. There was a hardware issue with some of the LG devices but new or refurbished devices should have that defect fixed. When the problem happens, does the issue go away if you do a master reset and test it without restoring or installing your programs again? Makes me think there might be some other commonality that is triggering the problem.


        The phone though is covered under the manufacturer warranty and not a carrier warranty. The warranty provides replacement from the manufacturer of the same device in the occasion of a hardware failure. No matter which carrier your are with that remains the same as it isn't a carrier warranty for the phone since they don't manufacture it. So any warranty replacement will be the same device. If the carriers replacement is from another manufacturer, they do not get reimbursed from the failing device for the new one they give you.


        What I would suggest if you haven't already is to try a master reset and test the phone without restoring your applications or SD card for a few days and see if the problem goes away. If it does slowly add applications back to you see the problem occur again to help narrow down which program might not be compatible with your device. I did have a VPN application that would cause the same thing to happen even when I wasn't using it and the problem went away after I uninstalled it. Later the developer updated the application and I no longer have the same issue. You might be seeing the same thing.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: I'm on my 4th LG V10!! Any solutions?

          Hey there kerusso92.


          That's really odd and unfortunate you've gone through so many replacement devices. I think theartiszan's suggestion on resetting without restoring anything back is a good idea. Have you given that a try? Please let us know. Thanks.