When will my Samsung  note 5 t-mobile Android Nought Update.


    When Will My Samsung Note 5 t-mobile Android Nought Update.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey there The Note 5 will get Android 7 as Samsung and T-Mobile have agreed to support the new update for that phone. No specific timeline but keep an eye on our SW update page for all the latest.

          • ismailktk246

            Sir I think T-mobile already have planned for software update according to

            T-mobile support software update page you sent me beacuse there I the saw

            Samsung Note 5 in the devices which are in updating process but I wanna

            know when it's going to happen because it's been four or five months since

            Android 7 has  released. Please Sir hurry up with bringing this update to

            ASAP. Sir another problem with T-mobile Note 5 on official Marshmallow

            Andriod 6.0.1 is there is no mobile data toggle switch in notification bar

            and it's so frustrating everytime go setting for switching on mobile data.

            Please sir fix this problem and bring Mobile data toggle switch to

            notification bar. Thanks for replying me back. I will be waitng for the

            response on this. Thanks once again

              • tmo_chris

                Waiting for an update is never any fun but rest assured that we are working as fast as we can to make sure that the update does not cause any problems when it is released.


                As for not having the mobile data toggle in your quick notification bar, have you tried tapping on "Edit" when looking at your quick settings bar? You should be able to customize what options you see in the quick settings bar that way.

                  • ismailktk246

                    Thanks Sir I will wait for clean and stable release of Android 7 but I

                    asked beacuse other carriers are sending Android Noughet to their customer

                    so I thought why not Should I talk about it to our great service provider.

                    As far Mobile data toggle in quick notifaction bar problem it's not only

                    who is facing this. All the T-mobile Note 5 user on Android 6.0.1 is

                    complaining about it. I search for it on every corner of the setting and in

                    edit option at quick Notification bar but it's no where. You have to go to

                    setting everytime then Data Usage then there will you see Mobile data

                    option. If you are playing online game or doing something and WiFi stop

                    working so to switch on mobile data you have to stop that thing go to

                    setting Open mobile data and go back to work instead of pulling down

                    notification bar and open it.



                    Regards: Muhammad Ismail