SMS problem with linked Google Voice number (Answer)


    I've been a T-Mobile customer for over 11 years.


    I've become an expert at restoring my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as my latest replacement is number 8 or 9... I've stopped counting.


    My latest replacement was received yesterday, March 6, 2017 and my many email accounts and apps restored in a couple of hours.


    Now I, like many of you (I hope), use strong passwords and 2 factor account verification and was unable to receive SMS verification for my accounts. A quick test proved that I was able to send SMS messages but was unable to receive them.


    I called support and made sure the new phone was registered on the network and that everything was in the green.


    I was sent 2 SMS messages which I received and thought the issue was resolved... Until I found I was still unable to receive my SMS validations.

    I again called support thinking there was still a problem and while trying different solutions I realized that it may be a Google Voice issue:

    I use and recommend using Google Voice for all the reasons you should read about yourself. The short reason is that the Google Voice number (linked to my T-Mobile cell number) is the number I use for two-factor authentication and the number I provide to anyone needing my number.


    The T-mobile tech was unable to provide any support for this issue other than providing a Google support number.


    Called the Google support number where the tech proceeded to search to internet for an answer... Duh, I could have done that myself.


    While I was on-hold I remembered reading that Google had recently updated Google Voice so I went to my computer, logged into my Google voice account Google Voice account and went to settings.

    Listed under the header "Messages" was a check-box for "Forward messages to linked numbers" - The box was unchecked.


    Even though I was using my Note 4 for my support call I was able to verify that I was now able to now receive SMS messages sent to my Google voice number linked to my phone. This issue should only happen if you change phones and there wasn't any problem with using my Google voice number to receive SMS messages with my old phone.


    I stayed on the line with Google and provided them with the solution I discovered and also called T-mobile support to make sure they have this information to help others


    This will probably affect all phones that have been replaced, no matter the brand, following the Google voice update.


    Hopes this saves everyone time and reduces frustration.