SD card no longer recognized


    I just upgraded to Nougat and noticed that my SD card wasn't listed in storage. I performed the following to try to troubleshoot it:


    Step 1: Force Reboot The Device


    Step 2: Clear System Cache Partition


    Step 3: Remove Your SD Card And Reinsert


    Step 4: Make A Backup Of Your Files To Your Computer/Laptop Then Format SD card


      External storage not visible in My Files (SD card not inserted) or storage settings


    Step 5: Use Another SD Card Or Buy A New One


      Bought a new SanDisk 64 GB Micro SD. My computer can see it ok. Used it to format the micro SD card. Reinserted it into the phone and it is still not visible.


    Step 6: Factory Reset Your Device


      SD card is still not visible.



    Any other ideas?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: SD card no longer recognized

        Wow you've done a ton of work already ctubby. I'm really surprised after all this it's still giving you trouble. Which model Samsung do you have? Have you also tried using the phone in Safe mode to see if the same thing happens? After you reset the phone, did you test out the SD card first before you put all your data back on the phone?

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: SD card no longer recognized

          Hey there!  I agree - you've done an impressive amount of troubleshooting solo.  Were you able to test out the additional suggestions Mike offered?  How is everything going?


          - Marissa

          • pmedic-27

            Re: SD card no longer recognized

            Same problem here and the T-Mobile "assumed to be resolved" comment only annoys me more.


            I have been a T-Mobile customer since it was still Voice Streams (over 15 years).

            Excellent online, phone and in-house support ALWAYS!


            Got upgraded to Nougat last night and am so thoroughly frustrated with my inability to find or manage my SD card I think it might be time to part ways with Samsung, T-Mobile or both.


            Admittedly, as I am aging, I have gone from a Tech-support guru for friends to an idiot savant (without the savant).


            Maybe I just need to dig out one of my old flip phones or the Motorola "brick" I have in my garage.



            • tmo_marissa

              Re: SD card no longer recognized

              Yowch, pmedic-27 and sshields1978 -- sorry that this same problem just cropped up for both of you! What devices are you using and which SW version are you on now? Do you mind letting us know what troubleshooting steps you've already walked through -- any of those listed by the OP or any of the ones that Mike recommended?

              Side notes:

              pmedic-27, welcome, and thank you so much for hanging around with us for so long! We don't mind gurus, ex-gurus, or growling -- we just want to help you figure out your SD card. The post is marked as "assumed resolved" because the OP didn't return to let us know the end result -- I'm sorry if that's irksome! It's honestly intended to be transparent that we never really got to the bottom of this, but we're hoping that the OP didn't come back because they worked the issue out on their own.


              sshields1978 - welcome to you, too! I am sending a PM your way about your username, please take a peek at your inbox when you have a second! Thanks!

                • sshields1978

                  Re: SD card no longer recognized

                  Hello again All.


                  I have Samsung Galaxy S8, it's running Android 7.0. I've tried everything Mike mentioned except getting a new SIM card. Backed up the device, Forced reboit, cleared cashe, Factory reset, reset and manually entered the connection settings, ran multiple virus and device cleaners and uninstalled everything I didn't really need or use, and ran several speed tests. It just is slow and doing weird stuff. Says I have approximately 40GB free space. Last thing to do is get a new sim card, but I think I'll just get a new device if I have to go that route. I'm out of ideas. But open to anything further.