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    Hello Team,


    I am planning to change my TMobile ID (i.e. changing from an email ID to my Gmail ID) for easier management of my account. I have both Beta Test A and Beta Test B scenarios activated with my primary line. If I change my TMobile ID (I am the primary account holder) how things in BETA scenarios will change? Do I have to enroll beta again?

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      • azdreamscape

        Re: Change of TMobile ID

        I wouldn't expect the change you're planning to have any effect whatsoever on your account status in any way.


        Hmmm, that was a little redundant, Eh? 


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          • debjitjdv

            Re: Change of TMobile ID

            Hmmm.. Looks like you are right. I just wanted to be double sure. Logically that should happen. Looks like practically that is happening too. Since its in BETA I wanted to double check as I did not want to loss my call log and messages. Thanks.

              • tmo_evan

                Re: Change of TMobile ID




                If you could wait till the beta is over, that would be the best.  By changing your T-Mobile ID during the beta, it will have some affect on our ability to communicate to you for the beta since we'll have your info registered incorrectly in some of the databases.  In addition, since we provide access via T-Mobile ID, you will have problems logging into the DIGITS app and web client.


                If you must change your T-Mobile ID, I would try the following (but I do not know if it will work):

                1. Change your email address as desired in the profile tab of my.t-mobile.

                2. Try to re-register on website, though you can register for say 1 number on multiple devices picking using on a PC since that doesn't require any backend changes.


                That should re-add your email address back into the whitelist and allow things to work properly. 


                !! Do note, that you may not be able to re-register since it could possibly not recognize your t-mobile ID given the recent change.  Which would then mean you could be locked out of some of the DIGITS items and it would be create other problems.   Also none of your current activity would be tracked with your existing items for the beta.


                Thus I added one of our forum admins to the thread in case you do go down this route and we need to create a bunch of new bugs to handle this.


                Unfortunately we didn't have this as part of our planning exercise for standing up the beta and thus may cause issues in changing that ID at the moment.