I pay my insurance for my iPhone 7 plus and I was wondering in case that my phone fall and breaks the screen,

    does the insure change my phone or they repeair it? what does my insurance cover?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Insurance

        Good question manuurrego.  First, I'm glad you have insurance covering this awesome phone - it would be a shame if something happened to it and you weren't covered!  Are you paying insurance on your line through your T-Mobile bill every month, or do you have Apple Care +?  They function a little bit differently - you can find a ton of information about the insurance programs we offer here: Device protection.  To speak to your example, if you're using our standard insurance program and your screen is shattered, you'd want to start your insurance claim process by contacting the insurance agency ASAP (before you start using a replacement phone - the insurance covers the device last used on your line).  You would pay a deductible and they would ship you a replacement, and then you'd ship back the damaged device.  If you have JUMP!, it's a little different, because you can pay the deductible and get the same make/model replacement, or you can choose to pay the deductible and upgrade instead (let's say this happens after the next iPhone is released).  Your remaining EIP balance would be forgiven and you'd just start a new installment plan for the new phone, without having to get a replacement so that you could turn in a phone in good condition.


        - Marissa