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    Recently added 2 new lines to my existing 2 line account ( about 2 months ago ) I noticed however under profile it asks me to link those two new lines ( voice lines ) to my primary number  which I did, now when I log onto My Tmobile dot com the first page I get is listing 3 lines under my name and it states "Please select which account to manage ". All of them however show all my lines. Whats going on?

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      • tmo_amanda

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        Hey frederickdawg!


        This sounds a bit odd to me but I want to help get to the bottom of why you're seeing multiple lines under your name. I'm trying to reproduce what you're seeing on My T-Mobile under the Profile section. Once you select "Profile", which option do you choose next?

          • frederickdawg

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            Hi tmo_amanda , I get the list straight after I log in, so in essence it is the first screen after log on.


            This is the first screen I get after log on, this only occured when I was asked to link the additional lines to my account.



            Ive got two other lines, which I have not yet linked but I am sure if I do link them, then they will also be listed on the page.


            Back to your question, when I go to Profile, I then select T Mobile ID option, then within the sub menu T Mobile ID, I select Phone Numbers, it currently allows me to unlink or link numbers. I think if I link numbers then those numbers are what appears on the screen shot above.





              • tmo_amanda

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                Thanks for the super helpful screenshots. Is this the first time you created a T-Mobile ID and logged in with it? Your T-Mobile ID is an email address vs. a phone number. If this was your first time logging in with your T-Mobile ID, that explains why the option to link the phone numbers was presented to you right away. This is simply a convenient feature that's available. Linking multiple phone numbers allows you to use a single sign-on instead of remembering four different logins for each phone number.


                (Side note: your browser looks a lot like mine with all of the tabs open )

                  • frederickdawg

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                    I think I've figured it out maybe. Is this perhaps in preparation for T mobile Digits program? I've got two numbers and the wife has two but they are all under one account number. In the past as well as currently , I am prompted to enter a phone number and password to log into My T Mobile. Once there I can view my bill and usage for all 4 or 5 lines ( one line is wearables ).

                    At one point recently I think I went under "profile" and started to mess around with adding or assigning numbers etc which caused me the confusion.


                    What I've done now is un link all numbers then link them in my own personal way, meaning wife's number and wearable are linked and my two voice lines are linked. I think it makes sense to me now.