How much would an iphone 7 cost when its time to upgrade on jump?

    My mom has building credit so my devices are always more expensive but how much can JUMP! take off the down payment when I go get a new phone in July?

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      • tidbits

        Which jump? Jump on demand? Jump!?


        Jump! only pays off 50% of the total when you bring it in. Then the cost of the down payment has to be paid.


        So for example I have 800+ credit score and I had to pay 250 down for the iPhone 7+ 256GB. If I didn't pay 50% of the device before trade in I would have to pay that too.


        On Jump on Demand there is no 50% however you still have to pay the down payment every time. Can do it up to 3 times a year. However if you want to keep the device you will have to pay a lump sum at the 18month mark.


        So in all you will pay a down payment and it varies unless you can take advantage of a 0 down promo. You would need to give a more specific scenario to get any good estimate.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there!  Congratulations on your upcoming upgrade!    It will definitely help better answer your question if you can let us know if you've got JUMP! insurance or a JUMP! On Demand Lease.  Generally speaking, JUMP! doesn't really decrease the down payment for equipment - the advantage of the JUMP! program is that you're able to turn in your existing device and have the remaining balance that's owed for it forgiven, regardless of its actual current trade-in value.  You'll still have something to pay up front, depending on the program, the device, and your credit standing.  With JUMP!, it will be any required down payment plus taxes - with JUMP! On Demand, the taxes are paid monthly on the installments themselves, so it would just be the down payment amount up front (if there is one!).


          - Marissa