Data stash for tablets features


    Hi, I am Very excited about the magenta news lately from those uncarrier moves that rock this planet. Well I was hoping to give some insight for new works which is adding Data stash to tablets or at least a program that if one doesn't use much data they get reward in means of bill credit toward the following billing cycle.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Data stash for tablets features

        Hey there!


        What a great idea!

        We don't have any public plans for changes like that, but we'll definitely post if there are any changes!



        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Data stash for tablets features

          Hi allenenriquez1985!


          So we have Data Stash and KickBack.


          - Data Stash is the program that allows you to carry forward up to 20 GB of unused high-speed data. It is available for the following plans:

          • Legacy Simple Choice and Simple Choice North America (launched prior to 11/15/15) plans: 1 GB - 21 GB.
          • New Simple Choice (launched on or after 11/15/15) plans: 6GB - 22GB.
          • New Simple Choice 2GB plans launched on 11/15 (grandfathered 12/30) only.


          - KickBack is the program that allows you to receive up to a $10 per line/per month if you use less than 2 GB of data in that given month. This feature isn't available for Mobile Internet plans that have data buckets between 2-22 GB.


          Let me know what other questions you have!